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HiFor all of you who got married or will be getting married down south. Where did your husbands/husbands to be get their clothes for the wedding? I’m having trouble finding something ivory like my dress.


My husband found his pants at American Eagle and his shirt at the Bay. His was white but I am sure you should be able to find something.

My husband found his pants and shirt at Mexx – there was also a good selection at Le Chateau, although not a place he typically shops, they had very nice light linen pants, shirts both short and long sleeved and jackets as well.

My husband bought his shirt from Hawaii, and his pants he got from Old Navy. We got the groomsmen shirts from the same place as well.
DH found his off-white linen shirt at Harry Rosen and his khaki pants at Old Navy. (However, our wedding was a few years ago.)

His shirt was a different colour than my dress and we thought it looked okay in the pictures. (Take a peek if you wish; the link is in my signature or click on the house under my screen name.)

Old Navy right now has lots of linen shirts and casual or dressy flat front pants in lots of colours. Instead of matching my FH is wearing a tan suit and a brown or blue dress shirt (haven’t got that far yet), and the groomsmen are going to wear blue shirts with khakis. My bridesmaids are wearing brown dresses, and we feel like we are going with the colours of the island. My dress is also ivory, so my only rule is that no one can wear white!
I also used for both my bridesmaids and groomsmen, as well as the groom’s wedding shirt. They have great stuff!
*If* I remember correctly (married in 2003 and my memory has been impacted by one too many swim-up bar visits), my husband purchased his khaki linen pants and white linen shirt at GAP. Our wedding pics are in my travel pics link below.

Hey, that shakatime website is really cool – makes we want to do it all over again!

We went to the Gap about a month ago, and they had a sale on!! There are some really nice khaki pants (they don’t taper in), and the shirts (very nice white button down) were half price…the sale might be on still…for all those ladies out there looking for outfits still!

My husband got a pale blue linen suit from Racing Green and his white shirt from Paul Smith. Not sure if Racing Green is available outside of the UK though.

my husband got his white shirt and trousers from good old marks and spencer and very sexy he looked to.

wpggirl…..your wedding pictures are out of this world……your dress made me regret not getting a dress with a train…..absolutly beautiful pics they locked it home to me that I will never regret a destination wedding….

he groom should select his formal wear based on the formality of the wedding. For a semi-formal or formal wedding, the groom will need a tuxedo. A tuxedo is the formal jacket worn by men on special or formal occasions. The most popular colors are black, white, and gray. Options: Use the following guidelines to select customary attire for the groom:Things To Consider: In selecting your formal wear, keep in mind the formality of your wedding, the time of day, and the bride’s gown. Consider darker colors for a fall or winter wedding and lighter colors for a spring or summer wedding. When selecting a place to rent your tuxedo, check the reputation of the shop. Make sure they have a wide variety of makes and styles to choose from. Reserve tuxedos for yourself and your ushers several weeks before the wedding to insure a wide selection and to allow enough time for alterations. Plan to pick up the tuxedos a few days before the wedding to allow time for last minute alterations in case they don’t fit properly. Out-of-town men in your wedding party can be sized at any tuxedo shop. They can send their measurements to you or directly to the shop where you are going to rent your tuxedos. Ask about the store’s return policy and be sure you delegate to the appropriate person (usually your best man) the responsibility of returning all tuxedos within he time alotted. Ushers customarily pay for their own tuxedos. Informal wedding:Semi-formal daytime:Formal daytime:Formal evening:Very formal daytime:Very formal evening: Business suit, White dress shirt and tieFormal suit, White dress shirt, Cummerbund or vestFour-in-hand or bow tieCutaway or stroller jacket, Waistcoat, Striped trousersWhite wing-collared shirt, Striped tie, Studs and cufflinksBlack dinner jacket, Matching trousers, WaistcoatWhite tuxedo shirt, Bow tie, CufflinksCummerbund or vestCutaway coat, Wing-collared shirt, Ascot,Striped trousers, Cufflinks, GlovesBlack tailcoat, Matching striped trousersWhite wing-collared shirt, Waistcoat

Patent leather shoes, Studs and cufflinks, Gloves

I too bought all our wedding stuffs at shaka time.

I am going to attend my friend’s wedding (Evening party) that should be held on 30 Aug and I am confused of choosing a dress so can anyone suggest good dress for the same. Thanks in advance!

I need to go to my friends wedding about 30 december.But i confused what to wear.anyone suggest me for the purpose.Thanks

For beach wedding in El Salvador shirt bought at the market in Antigua Guatemala a couple yrs ago, shorts at the market in Puerto La Libertad a couple weeks ago.

Sorry but this site won’t let me upload my pics & resizing them is above my pay-grade!

Maybe this will work wedding

OK that worked

Tommy Bahama beachwear is a good choice for beach weddings.

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