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Happy New Year!
We just got engaged this week and already everyone wants all the details of our wedding away. We’re wondering about group deals– we already have at least 12 people confirmed. We may be looking at a lot more. Are there deals to be had? We’ll be hunting for a travel agent to work with in the next few weeks. In the meantime, any thoughts?Cheers, Lisa
Congratulations!Getting married in Cuba is probably the smartest decision we made…beautiful, no stress and a great vacation for everyone!Why don’t you check out Shine’s (another forum member) destination wedding website?

Have fun with your planning!

Congratulations librajaco! Let us know where you decide to have your destination wedding!In the meantime, check out these two sites:

Another source for bookings/good info. would be your local Flight Centre travel agency. They are great at matching competitor’s pricing on travel- groups or otherwise.

Congratulations on your enagement! Most tour operators offer deals for group bookings. Best thing to do is decide on where you want to get married and then find out who can offer you the best deal & value for money for you and those going with you.

We also got married in Cuba and it was also the best decision we made. No stress, no paper work and just an all around awesome wedding. We were married at the Iberostar Varadero. Click on the link below to view our pics.Good luck with your planning. ;D
Congratulations librajaco on your engagement!!! ;DWe were married at Playa Pesquero in October 2005 – it was the most amazing experience, a destination wedding, is the best way to go!! Worry and hassle free!!!We traveled with 18 in total, but unfortunately did not get a group rate or deal. We booked through Uniglobe Travel, they were great, our trip was through Sunquest – who (at that time) offered a deal that was allowing one person to go for free, if you had a minimum of 20 adults, so we fell a bit short on that. Another travel agent I would recommend would be Trip Central – we booked our last 2 vacations with them and there were competitive and extremely helpful!!

Happy Planning!!


When we were hunting for a travel agent we made sure to get quotes from at least 4 different agents and companies – Some were much higher than others (Maritime Travel). We ended up meeting our travel agent in a lineup at Starbucks on Mother’s Day and we found we have a great rapport and she is really caring about us. I think as long as the prices are right and the agent you deal with is friendly and caring it will make your planning much easier! We found that the carriers were actually pretty slow on getting flight information because we are doing it in the "off season" so we had to be patient, and we are still waiting on the actual times of the flights and it has been over 5 months now. We have people flying out of Toronto, Calgary and Vancouver and they are all arriving in Cuba within a day of each other.Our group booking allows one of us a free return flight as long as there are 21 or more people coming. Our wedding is in May 2007 so we are definitely very excited!

Good luck to you and congratulations!

FYIBe careful that when you are counting your number of guests, in order to receive a deal, you do not include children, they do not count!!!Tigs

We flew out of Halifax with Air Transat and we had 21 guests which meant we ended up getting a free week. However, one of those guests was my 5yr old nephew and he did count. Maybe each air carrier has different rules?

We booked through Sunquest, and they didn’t count children, so we were out of luck!! You got a good deal there Newfie2!!!

Thanks so much for your replies. Newfie2, when you say "we got a free week" was that a free flight and stay? Was that for one person or two?We’re thinking about getting married the first week of December, so at this point it feels like we have lots of time. I know it will go fast. All the best!


One of us got the free week. So I paid for one week and got second free and hubby paid for two. It ended up being a great deal with our Nephew being able to be counted helped us out alot. You get the cost of one weeks all inclusive free, your airfare is calculated into all of this. Am I making sense?

Congratulations !!!!I also got married in Cuba 05. You have picked a truly amazing place for you wedding. I’m sure your travel agents will be able to point you in the right direction. There are also lots of brochures that have information on wedding destinationsHappy planning ;D


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