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What is the minimum number of people before a resort/agency considers you a "group"We are considering travelling with 4-5 couples (8-10 people) in May 2010 and I’m just wondering if there are any "deals" to be had while travelling with that many people.In the past, we’ve been "last minute" travellers with no real expectations (besides heat/beach/drinks) and have never paid more than $600 all in pp for a trip, but with other couples involved, we may want more lead time to make a better choice for everyone….

Thanks for any feedback!

I would absolutely not advise you to book as a group ( usually 10 or more ). You will get a far better deal(s) if you wait as you normally would to find a better price . Group discounts ? are based on the book price and you would be wise to make your own deals.
I agree, the possible group perks they may have or offer, wont be nearly as good as if you can wait.Once you lock in your pretty much screwed.I usually travel with a group of 6, we just request that our reservations are linked together.Trust me, most resorts couldn’t care less how many people you bring them…they just want $$$$.


Wow group travel, trying to get 8 to 10 people to agree on a resort, get the same vacation time, live together ( practicaly ) for a week and still come back home friends, I’ve done it 3 times and it has worked out every time, that being said there are so many variables in tha equation but I guess the end result in the fun you can have with that many people ;D ;D

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