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Does anyone have any other suggestions on where to go for information on Bahamas? It doesn’t look like anyone’s been to Nassau to comment on what to do.

Thanks for the link. We just returned from Nassau and had a great time. We walked around the town and the headed over to Atlantis. Our day was well spent walking around and shopping.

We too are doing the cruise to Nassau and Freeport but not till November.We are new to cruises ,just going as we got it free.We are beach people.Is there a nice beach we can go to and relax with somewhere on the beach to purchase drinks at areasonable price.

I been to Nassau and other Bahama Islands..what would you like to know? There are lots of things to do in Nassau..Casinos, the straw market..duty free shops, Paradise Island ( you can walk/take taxi there) it has Casinos, Vegas like shows.Where are you staying and what are your interests. I’ll be glad to provide you with details and other web sites.

Cheers, Allan

You don’t read to much about the out-islands in here but I must say that when we went to Eleuthera it was by far one of the best vacations we have ever been on. You can walk on the powdery pink sand on the beach for hours and not meet anyone. Absolutely wonderful and have plans of going back very soon

I have to agree that the out-islands are pretty special and it sounds like they haven’t changed much over the years. I sailed amongst these islands, back in the ’70’s and I still remember the incredible, untouched beaches. We stopped in Eluthera for a couple of days, on our way south. Although I haven’t returned to the out-islands (to do list ) I have been to Nassau a few times, on cruises, and was not impressed. Way to busy and touristy for my tastes.

It is indeed very hard now a days to find somewhere that is not "touristy"with being able to just get on a plane and travel just about anywhere you wish to go. However since it is quite difficult to get to Eleuthera it doesn’t seem to attract to many visitors yet. I’m sure however this will soon change as or world is slowly getting smaller

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