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I am traveling to mexico on Jan23. I have not recieved the H1N1 shot. My wife is concerned that I may run into trouble when traveling to Mexico. I stay away from any types of meds. I would prefer not to take the shot but I dont want to have problems gaining access to mexico.Does anyone have an information that would suggest that I need the H1N1 to travel to Mexico?

Thanks Steve

you do not need the shot, it’s not manditiory! if you have the shot it’s always good to bring proof just in case but you don’t need it to go.

We recently came back from Mexico. They did not ask for any proof if we had had the vaccinne. We did, however, have to fill out a "questionnaire" when we stepped off the plane, asking if we have had any "flu-like" symptoms in the recent past.These were "yes" and "no" questions. Do you think anyone would actually write check off the box that says "yes"?It was more of an inconvenience than anything else. There was a fellow standing there just as you got off the plane, handing you a form. Lots of folks stopped right then and there to fill it out. We didn’t have our pen handy at the time so we just took the form and kept walking, leaving the "congestion" of folks behind. If you get your pen handy, you can fill it out as you walk.There was a table with pens and more forms just before you get to the Customs agents. You can stop there and fill it out.Then someone is there to take your form from you. You don’t have a choice as to whether or not you fill out the form. You must or you don’t continue on.Easy but a minor inconvenience.

We didn’t see anyone wearing masks and there were a few hand-sanitizer stations we saw but not as abundant like we have here.

We returned from our vacation to the Mayan Riviera, Mexico on Dec. 4.Our experience upon entry in Cancun on Nov. 27 was similar to what shirleyujest described except that the H1N1 health form was handed out on the aircraft (Air Transat) prior to landing and no one collected the form from us once we got off the plane, through immigration/customs, etc. I ended up bringing the form home.Seems the previous concerns/hype over H1N1 are subsiding.

so what if you did have it in the past month or so, does that really make a difference?

:)Not quite sure what you are asking here, lin04.

YVRck – what a great idea to hand those questionaires out ON the plane, not when we deplane.

The hype definitely has calmed down and we did not see any sign of any illness while we were on vacation. There was the odd cough and / or sneeze on the plane (you get those any and all times of the year for whatever reason) from some folks but nothing at the resort – no notices where posted anywhere.

Seems like business as usual.

QUOTE" We did, however, have to fill out a "questionnaire" when we stepped off the plane, asking if we have had any "flu-like" symptoms in the recent past".

so what i am asking is what "if" you did have H1N1 in the past few weeks??? does it really make a difference? how do they really know you had it, etc

They won’t or don’t know that you have had any flu-like symptoms unless you tell them by checking off the "yes" boxes on the questionaire. They also won’t know you have been vaccinated unless you tell them or show them proof – they didn’t ask, though.Would anyone actually tell them that they have had flu-like symptoms in the past two weeks of travel?

If you did check off a "yes" answer, I don’t know what they really would do to you as a vacationer. Send you back home? Quarantine you? Who knows, but we didn’t want to find out, nor did anyone else.

ahh i see….. ya i didn’t know if it woudl actaully make a difference if it say were a month ago or not. Our son just got over it and we are leaving jan 12th, that’s why i was curious… it will be more then 2 weeks before goin that he had it, so i don’t see it as a issue as i’m not checking the YES box!!!!!!!

Just curious on how you show proof you were vaccinated?We had our shots at a H1N1 clinic and only my 3 year old was given something to show he had received the shot.

We’re not going till March so I’m sure they hype will be a lot less by then, but I’m still curious on how we could show proof if needed.

There was really no one there who questioned it. We were just handed the questionaire and then handed it back to the fella that was collecting it. He "glanced" at it.Beau got the H1N1 vaccine and was not given any proof that he has had it. And unless you really present yourself with symptoms, there should be no worries or concerns.I think Mexico (especially) is really downplaying the H1N1 flu as they really need the tourist dollars. It’s not a really big issue there. Yes, you will see SOME hand sanitizer stations at the airport but not like you see here in Canada. You almost have to search them out.

Besides all that, it’s just the flu!

We were down late-May, early-June…just after the swine sh*t hit the fan ;D and they took our temperatures in the aeropuerto. See any of that still going on?

PS – suj and YVRck, where did you go and how was your trip?!

PS – suj and YVRck, where did you go and how was your trip?! Hi Bubbletoes!We did a return trip to the Akumal Beach Resort. Hubbie & I love this place because the off beach snorkeling is good.For this trip, we were joined by our son, DIL and 5 year old grandson. It was the little guy’s first tropical vacation and he loved it. He wants to go back- tomorrow would suit him just fine! We also had the pleasure of meeting another Debbie’s member -eeeefarm- at ABR. I’d been wanting to meet her for years, but just always thought it would be somewhere in Cuba.

Review is pending.

PS – suj and YVRck, where did you go and how was your trip?!

And we were at Desire. Had a great time and will definitely go back! Plans are in the beginning stages already.

We enjoyed some of the best food and service we have had at an A-I anywhere and, although the beach was not too great right in front of the resort, we could walk for hours along the beach (either way) and ventured (albeit briefly) into Puerto Morelos and would love to explore this quaint Mexican town more.It was an hour and a half walk from the resort.

And my review is pending also.

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