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Our stay was badly affected by the theft of cash from within our safety deposit boxes within our bedrooms. We stayed for 4 nights and at around 6PM on our last day my pal knocked on my door to tell me to check the contents of my safe as he had cash taken from his. I checked my wallet, which had been left in the safe, and discovered that 3 x 20 GBP notes were missing. I had counted my cash before going out that day. My Cuban pesos were untouched. The keycard for the room door also opens the safe. We spoke to the Hotel security manager who investigated. He produced print-outs showing each time the room door was opened and also which times the safe was opened. The only entry other than my own was the cleaner during the afternoon. Her key card has a different code. No safe entry was shown. Someone at the hotel has found a way around the system. Two of us had been robbed the same day. I have no complaint against the way the hotel conducted their investigation – though as we were leaving ealy next morning I don’t know the results of the interview with the cleaner – and they have not sent me an e-mail as promised with their findings.

Room Number:

Check-in was fine. Only one lift working, slowly, which was a bit frustrating. I think they were working on the others so maybe this problem will be sorted soon.

Very bright and clean. Mattress was brand new and I suffered a bit as a result – gave me a bit of backache – but I’m sure beds will be more comfortable when they get a bit more usage and become more flexible.

Restaurants and Bars:
Breakfast very good – very good staff working in restaurant.

Plenty of brand new, good quality sun beds. Nice pool with good diving boards. Pool bar does the job.

Other Comments:
Had it not been for the safe incident I would recommend this hotel.

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