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This was a great stay even with the fly bites thus meaning always carry bug spray unless mosquitoes do not like you as much as they do me:)

Room Number:

I arrived in Mexico on the 1/1/12 and the hotel is only 10 mins from the airport which was great after a 5 hour flight from Edmonton, AB, Canada. When I arrived I had paid for a Superior Room which placed me on the 1st floor, Rm #123 which was by the kitchen. After arriving at 5 am in the morning, the noise was too much for 2 hrs straight so in the morning I requested to be moved and was given Rm 219 on the 2nd floor with a puch button safe which was great and at the front desk are also safety deposit boxes to store valuables so that is a bonus.

The room I had included 2 beds which I always use to keep my luggage on, I like this idea but other`s may not. The hot water worked fine, my power was fine except no fridge in the rooms or alcohol or water but there is a walmart and big stores right beside the building and you can buy water there. Evereything is cheap as canadian money and US is higher, 1 canadian dollar=12 peso`s.

Restaurants and Bars:
There was one special restaurant but from a canadian couple I met tried it and said it was OK. Most times food included salad`s, omelets in the morning, toast, juice, milk, cereal, diner and supper included also chicken, fish, soup, rice, etc. Nothing fancy but I was only there for a week so this was fine for me. The bar most nites which was only 1 closed at 11 pm and a couple nites mexican nites the bar open til 4-5 am but overall a very quiet resort. I did go downtown a couple times and there is everything there from disco to a pub with a live band so a mix for everyone. Also, as other reviews Mexican`s do stay at the resorts but they do not bother anyone and keep to themselves but are friendly to talk to even if the language barrier is there.

There is only one pool there and a hot tube beside it. The swim up bar is in the kiddie part which is joined onto the main pool for some reason and the water is warm. Temperature there when I was there 30 degree`s. So carry suntan lotion. There is a beach about 10-15 min`s walk from the resort and on the beach they offer massages right on the beach, also I saw para-sailing and jet skies to rent as well.

Activities on and off the Resort/Hotel: I do go on 4 tours, and at this hotel first time I have ever seen it, book 2 tours get 1 free which is awesome. I paid for 3 tours $187 canadian dollars which is a really good deal. I did Las Castas which is a day trip by boat to a cove where you have a free meal, have pics taken with parrots and relax on the beach, go snorkeling, kayaking which is free. 2nd tour was San Sebastian which was a bus ride to the town San Sebastian where you learn the history of the town, see a beautiful church there, have a free meal and visit a tequila distillery by the side of the road from a man and wife, which was cool as the tequila was good tasting. 3rd tour was zip lining across the Mexican jungle, you get a ride up the mountain on a donkey, then zip line, repel beside a waterfall, free drop from a platform and after grab a bite to eat, this was awesome, freaky but awesome a must do for people not afraid of heights. 4th tour was separate as it was a evening cruise on a Pirate Ship which include a show, dancing, dinner and fireworks. This also was awesome except for the fact a canadian couple tried to swipe my camera which I placed under my seat but they did return it to me once confronted so a lesson always keep you valuables close wherever you go!!!

There were other tours like swimming with the dolphins and sea lions and a couple others but these are the only one`s I chose.

Other Comments:
The marina is only 10 mins`s from the hotel as well on the same side of the street so when going on tours this is a bonus as no cab rides. Most cab rides will cost anywhere from 40-80 peso`s so do not be surprised. I did also hear free internet at this hotel but I did not use it but heard it worked fine and they do have computers to use as well. There is a massage place down by the marina on the left side, massages cost only $35 dollars canadian and its the best I have ever had, as I did get 2. I met some nice canadian’s, U.S. and Mexican’s at this resort. I would surely go back. Cuba was a bad experience but this trip was awesome in every way even with fly bites lol.

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