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we had our 1st family vacation 18month old 13 yr old my wife and i , it was amazing , if anyone needs any advise just ask ;D we are now hooked and can not wait till next year.

Welcome back! Glad to hear you had a great trip. Where did you go? Our plans are to travel with a 4 year old and a 15th month old in November. You will be the first one I come to with questions!
We’re going to Mexico is 11 days with our 2 yr old daughter. I’m so nervous. She’s definitely not a patient toddler and not a good sleeper either. Once we get there I’m sure she’ll be fine. I’m afraid she’s going to cry all the way on the plane and on the bus, or perhaps even worse, she may not want to go on the plane because she has stranger anxiety. I think we’ll be one of those families who get a lot of angry looks during our vacation….
Hi Brian!Glad to hear that you had a great trip with your little one! I was happy to see where you were. We will also be travelling to Club Amigo on 3 Nov/11 with our son who will be 14 mos old at the time. First trip outside of North America with him so we are trying to prepare as best we can, taking enough stuff, but not too much! Wondering if you could answer some questions for us:- are there high chairs readily available?- how are the cribs that they provide for you?- did you find the food selections ok for him to eat, ie cooked veggies, peeled fruit, meat, etc? Also, are there cereals avail in the am such as cheerios (I know they are limited with imports)- did your son drink the milk and if so, what type was it – UHT, powdered, I am assuming its pasteurized?- any concerns with bathing that you encountered in their tap water (fingers, toys into mouth with the water on it) or in the kid/baby pool?- did he get a hep A vaccine before travel? (we are planning on getting him one next wk)We are planning on bringing a small travel kettle in order to sterilize his bottle nipples and sippy cups(we use liners so don’t have to worry about bottles)We were also thinking of bringing his morning powdered cereal and a few dry snacks for him such as fruit cereal bars, mum mums, also maybe bagged(sealed) baby food such as applesauce, etc just in case. I was also considering bringing follow up formula for him to drink in case he does not like the milk there….Sorry if there are too many questions, just a lot to consider, we are not hyper paranoid but just want to have a nice trip without any preventable sickness!!Also, is there anything you would recommend we bring for him for around poolside, beach, etc such as blow up floaty for pool, etc?Any random recommendations are very appreciated! Thanks!

The resort seems to have a lot of return travellers so we feel pretty excited to go!!

Hey brianwade – where are you?? Our family trip is coming up real fast and we’d love to have you tell us any hints, tips and tricks you can offer when traveling with young ones. The first trick Beau is going to use is booking First Class for us (the grandparents only) LOL!
hey, sorry i have not been on in a long time , alot of life happening on my end lol . Travelmama9 – 1st you should plan for a nice big stroller lol it made our trip more enjoayable and there is no charge for it on the plane , it served as a great way to carry our stuff around the airport , and resort . – Yes there are high chairs available at the buffet’s which where in good shape, we took a travel booster chair which we used more offten and took little room .- there are cribs they looked to be ok , we took a playpen also no charge to take , it also offered extra room for packing essentials .-we took alot of her food down with us , ie pres.choice organic toddler meals , just need to be put in hot water for a few min befor she eat them ( she loved them ) we took yogurt , chease , (in cool to go bags packed with frozen water bottles ) and had a fridge when we arrived , we also took 1l uht milk 3 or 4 would be enough there milk is mainly powered some times uht, some water for her and all the reg treats and cereal she enjoyed at home . she actually did not eat anything from there ecept for the bread and butter we took all the rest lol . We enjoyed all the food and had no problems ourselves.-she had a bath every night in a dollar store blow up pool no problems with the water -we did get her vaccinated i think its a good idea – we took a travel kettle as well great idea .- a safe pool float with sun shade is a great idea she loved the pool , and ocean lol but the sand was alot of work with a toddler lol so we focused on the pool , there are all kinds of pools , we found the pool by the 24hr bar to be the most relaxing it has more space less people and interesting things for a toddler , we liked the hammick =) and the bar was close =) the drinks are great lol- we took a portable dvd player went over very well ,we charged it at the smoke shop in the bungalow section, benydrill cream glad we took it 1 bug bite it cleared up right away we also packed new little toys for the plane 1 new one for every half hour of flight for down and home (dollarstore etch a scetch went over really well , and finger puppets were a big hit , and sticker books )we took face and hand wipes with us used them everywhere lol .we took inflatable toys , balls , etc we used mainly in the room ,but the cloth pool balls where great in and around the pool she loved playing catch with them and took little space .it was a great vacation with no problems we are already looking forward to 2013 for our next trip =)shirleyujest, if you have any questions let me know =)
Wow! Some great tips and tricks! Some we used on our previous trip with our first grand-daughter and now there will double the ‘stuff’ we’ll need to take. The green painters tape is a fabulous idea – we all know how inquisitive little ones are at that age, don’t we? I’ll give your tips to my daughter and she can go from there. Not sure about the large stroller as I was thinking more of the umbrella type – the 18 month old is being ‘encouraged’ to walk before we go and who knows just how much she will use the larger, bulkier one. We may also take down our portable sun shelter – she’s a red head and definitely needs shade.

Thanks again for all your tips – we really are looking forward to travelling with all of them.

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