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Ok, I think it’s time for a new suitcase…..I looked at a few hardbody cases but are they as durable as they look? My old one is just a regular heavy material and it has survived about 20 trips…but the zipper is getting damaged…..do any of you have ‘experience’ with a hardbody??
I HATE them…..For the past few years I have been so envious of people travelling with them, so i finally broke down and bought myself a set.What I have learned, is they are a pain n the a** once you are at your hotel room. Becaause they "split" in half, everytime you open them, stuff falls down and out. Now yes, you can zip it in, but still trying to access it each and every time you open and close the suitcase, make sure the top part is zipped closed, and your stuff still moves around. It is also not so "deep" as you only have half the suitcase to work with, so I find you have to be more creative when packing and including any large or weird shaped items.I also found it was much harder to put stuff back in the suitcase and keep it neat, folded etc with these ones. I just know it was much more difficult and a pain dealing with it compared to my past 10 years of travel with the traditional suitcases! Besides the fact that I like the 4 wheels for moving through the airport I can’t see any other advantage. I guess they are a little lighter(but the normal cloth ones now are being made lighter as well) and the hard shell seemd to get quite easily scrapped just on one vacation. And it was not a cheap set I bought.

Put it this way…the next vacation I take I am going back to my old luggage set if that tells you anything!!

Thanks monctonguy……I sort of figured that was the "case"……I shall look for a new "old material" suitcase….one with the four wheels would be great.

Agreed….I have lived and learned…..just out a few hundred dollars now…lol.
We got a couple of hardsiders that we call smoothsiders because they aren’t hard enough to protect anything and we miss the pockets.We use ultra lightweights for local flights as carry-on and use a combo of 1 smoothside and 1 softside w/pockets carry-on plus 1 large smoothside and 1 extra large softside with lots of outside pockets … plus a duffle filled with sport stuff and things for friends. Duffle folds up and goes in the checked to buffer the rum on the way home.

Zippers have a finite life. They are the "Best Before Date" of luggage.

Yes, I forgot to mention NO pockets on the outside and very few inside.And because i do not travel with a carry-on, i use the pockets in my checked in to carry documents, pens, travel info i need etc. So it was an additional pain not having those extra pockets to slide stuff into.

Anyone know someone who want to buy a luggage set only used once??!..lol

well now ! I clicked on this thread thinking it was something else – totally unrelated to suitcases and something of a more interesting flavour. My bad !!

I don’t know about that… Monctonguy is using his "Ripped" Avatar

Haha…that is my "south" picture for everything…and i am certainly not "ripped", as much as I wish i could be…all this travel south with food and booze prevents that from ever happening for me..ha!

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