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I’ve been looking for clothing that protects me from the sun, when I’m snorkeling at Breezes Jibacoa, and came across No Zone, a Canadian company. Has anyone tried their products, or similar, personally or for your children and, if so, were you happy with them? This is what I’m looking to buy, for snorkeling, and I’m eyeing some of their tops, too:

Haven’t tried "No Zone", but I have used a "Sunveil" sunscreen top for years and it works great! (not designed for snorkelling, however….but perfect for walking the beach and sailing) I never have to use sunscreen on anything it covers, and you actually feel cooler with it on than off….if No Zone is as good, it will save you a fortune in sun block.
Thanks, eeeefarm and spunky for your suggestions. I’ve placed an order with Nozone for snorkeling coverups (since it’s located in Victoria and, therefore, close by) and, now, I’m going to order beach coverups from Sunveil. I’m looking forward to strolling the beach or hiking up the farm road without having to worry about whether it’s time to apply more 70 SPF
steffiej, Photos please.. I’m looking at the same tops w/ full arms but don’t want to spend $40 for a top and $25 for the bottoms.

Anybody out there have a RashGuard shirt recommended for a big Guy.

Spunky, I’m afraid UV protective clothing comes with a higher price tag. Any brands I’ve looked at don’t come cheap. I can’t judge Nozone, yet, but I will say that any of my Tilley UV items have been high quality and lasted me many years. I’ve had 1 pair of their crinkle cotton pants and long sleeve hoody top since 1994! I’d say I got my money’s worth ;D

Mine, too ;D

It’s been suggested that this thread would be of interest to travellers to other destinations so I’m moving it to General Caribbean forum.

My wife has a strong sun allergy and she looked at the Sunveil stuff a few years back and passed it by for two reasons. First it was too darn expensive and second she found the material stiff and uncomfortable to wear. She just wears 100% cotton tops, sometimes a man’s. If you get them extra large they make great loose fitting cover ups. Hard to find 100% cotton; most are rayon or some other synthetic, but cotton is cool, comfortable and a good sun block.

I love the UV protection clothing, especially for on the beach and snorkeling. I have T-shirts with 65 UV and they are thin, dry quickly and great for keeping the sun off my back snorkeling. I was pleasantly surprized to find our COSTCO (Kingston, ON) selling UV 25 protection T shirts just after Christmas for only $9.99. They mostly had X-Large left by the time I’m noticed them but there were a good assortment of colours of lime green, white, & black. More and more stores are carrying UV protection now; especially sports stores but they are appearing in department stores too. Its so much better for the environment than all the lotions that wash off in the water and you’re not putting chemicals on your skin……….I love the products.

Black? I think I’d go for the light colours. Black will soak up the heat from the sun. I bought a black t-shirt a few years ago, and never again. It would be OK as a snorkeling cover up, but otherwise I believe it would be pretty hot.

Black is nice and warm when wet and, as you say, for snorkeling. If anyone sees some clearances in the big-box stores please let me know.I need a bronzer that’s a sunscreen as long as it still has colour.

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