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You folks just don’t get it, do you?

The West Coast is the Best Coast!

Was just looking at the Cayo Largo site – now if THAT isn’t paradise, I don’t know what is! Looks like the beach is back!

Hmm , shirleyujest, guess haven’t had any east coast lobster, cooked ourdoors ( on my deck )
screaming ( meant steaming ) of of the pot ! Hmm Paradise for sure :} !

I do have to agree with jemik that east coast lobster is definitely amazing, along with all the other fish out that way!!!

Gotta go with SUJ on which coast is the best coast Gotta wonder, why do we go seeking "paradise" outside our "home and native land" We’ve got it made coast to coast to coast
Hmm , shirleyujest, guess haven’t had any east coast lobster, cooked ourdoors ( on my deck )
screaming ( meant steaming ) of of the pot ! Hmm Paradise for sure :} !

Is that an invitation?

I’ve had lobster many times and have never been able to determine what they hype is all about. Sometimes, especially in the Caribbean, it’s been downright disgusting, IMHO, but I’m always game to try it, just because.

Now, if only the cost of the airfare to the other side of this wonderful country was as cheap as a Caribbean vacation, you just might find me on your doorstep, jemik

Steffiej, – you’re right! We do have it made coast to coast to coast!

Hey shirleyujest and Steffiej, I have been to BC, tasted the salmon and crabs ( delish ) so I am agree, east coast + west coast , and all in between , we certainly do have paradise !! and shirleyujest , it’s true , you can go to Cuba or some other exotic locale , get fed as much as you want, drink as much as you want, be entertained as much as you want for lees than it would cost for airfare to visit each other ! In PEI we ar famous for welcoming visitors !! COme on Down !!

People – People – People, we have to keep this to ourselves :-X, we live in a land that is still pure conpared to "others" that are very close to us, so let’s keep our secret safe SHHHH, "they" might be listening :D. Actually, the very idea of comparing NS lobster to a Carribean one is way off base :o, as we have "real lobster" and they have……well…..what the hell kind of laobster doesn’t have claws, come on, it’s one of the "goodest" parts. Being from an area where lobsters are found right across the road, I am "slightly partial" to our lobsters, but they grow so much gooder here due to our natural combination of rock and sandy bottom…."the ocean not mine" ;D. We all like to think we live in our own paridise, so let’s all enjoy our "home land" and then head south for an "offsite meeting" to enjoy oue tales from home over a nice smooth drink of Tequila….or maybe two :D.

Just my opinion

Jake, eh

Hey Jake, just looked at my last post , Did I say NS Lobster ?? HAhA , never tried a carribean lobster, they just looked too gross ! Didn’t look like any lobster I ever ate .

I agree with suj: the lobsters I have had in Cuba just have not been anything to rave about. What an oxymoron that is. And I have only had lobster on our East Coast but boy, was it de-vine!!!

As far as I am concerned, anytime I am on a beach in Cuba, I experience a little slice of paradise.


When I travel I like to experience something different than I get at home, so I’ll have my lobster here and have something more traditional when I go south……..although I will have a Margarita north or south, I really don’t mind tha As far as paradise goes, for me so far it was the Bahia Tulum, "BUT" between Freedom, Wossa, and the Deputy, they have painted such a wonderful picture of Cozumel, I have to see it for myself 8-). Who knows, they just might be able to turn old Jake’s head and convince me to begin a whole new branch of the Nut Club……"The Cozumel Nut Club" Jake, eh

I FOUND IT!!! I FOUND IT, now I need someone to take me there….Palm Island!!! OH MY GOSH LORDIE BBBBBBBEEEEEEEEEEEEEEI was to go to the Grenadines!!! The beaches on Palm island look like the most pristine beaches I have ever seen in my life! Yeah, looks good to me!


OMG :o, had a quick look around at your pick Deputy…..might I suggest you click your heels twice to see what happens :D, you just never know who may be watching
BUT….do they have Corona and Tequila ::)? If a person enjoys enough of that in Cozumel, would they not feel they are in Paradise any way ;D

Jake, eh

I have to agree with Trillium …San Andres Island /Columbia. We spent 2 weeks at The Decameron Aquarium …simply the best. Located in town on the waters edge (view of the ocean is spectacular) … we stayed on the 1st floor and our balcony was over the water. The buildings are circular with three floors. We’d sit on the deck and watch all the fish and lobsters … the beach was fantastic. Driving around the island on a four wheeler was a blast. Ahhhhh ….the memories …this was quite a few years ago and I remember it as it was yesterday. lol

Still won’t give up my paradise in the tropics , but in Canada it would have to be Tribune bay on Hornby Island B.C.
My paradise :To visit: I haven’t found it yet, but I love changing places every year (we really like the West Coast of Mexico though). Just wish my Spanish was abit better…To live (retire): Queensland coast in Australia, although it is far far away – expensive and exhausting to get there from North America. We visited the Whitsunday islands (gorgeous, and there are apparently some very nice lively towns on the coast beside them). Port Douglas, much farther north is also fantastic – small lively town with great food and fun bars, loads of things to do in the area, Great Barrier Reef an hour high-speed catamaran ride away, very nice weekly farmers market, exotic wildlife (including a few nasty spiders and snakes), great weather, and gorgeous. Here are some pictures we took last year when we lived in Australia for nearly a year:Four mile beach, right beside the town. The sand is strangely often quite hard – you see people riding their bikes or taking baby strollers for walks on it. Note that we were there during the school holidays – high season!

View from a great restaurant bar on the inlet – very good Aussie bubbly for the glass at about $6.00, and a view to die for as the sun goes down

Me, at the bar

Inlet, on the back side of town.


Thanks for the visuals, Tom1. We weren’t impressed with Puerto Vallarta (our beaches up here on the West Coast of Canada are "better" IMHO ;)) but we’re heading to Cabo this November.

We’re looking forward to some gorgeous scenery!

selectivedi1 Guest

SAI is on the top of my list!!! Need to go back in February but the prices are yet still too high. Right beside that fav is Cameleon in Jibacoa!!!! Truly paradise!!!!

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