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Hello to all here.Would appreciate thoughts on Hawksbill Resort from anyone who has visited there fairly recently Thanks, Ella
Hi ellaI was at the resort (for a couple of hours) back in January. Although I wasn’t staying there (I was there for getting photos) the resort looked very nice and was far enough away from the main tourist areas to avoid many (if any) vendors. The beaches looked beautiful and the accommodations were nice too. I have always wanted to spend a week or two there as it looks so nice.Sunny Regards- James——————

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Hello to all here.
Would appreciate thoughts on Hawksbill Resort from anyone who has visited there fairly recently Thanks, Ella Ella: My wife and I stayed at the Hawksbill in October. We had a great time. We had a very nice AC room on Honeymoon Cove. The food was very good and there was a good variety at breakfast, lunch and dinner. Staff was excellent, bartenders, waitresses, housekeeping, front desk all were very friendly and hard working. The majority of the guests were from the UK and we had a lot of fun with the UK and American guests. Went to Shirley Heights and into St. Johns to shop, both worth the taxi fare. We had dinner at Chez Pascal’s for our anniversary. Take a taxi to Chez Pascal’s, you will not be disappointed. The food and service were fantastic -5 star. If you are looking to spend a quiet week at a nice resort on a very nice beach book the Hawksbill. We would go back tomorrow.


daveb – can you sort of compare Hawksbill (Antigua) to the Sol Cayo Largo in some ways? It sounds as if they could be similar.Is this resort as "remote" and quiet as CL?Did you visit the clothing optional beach at Hawksbill?Can we only get to Antigua via Toronto?

BTW – where IS Antigua? Flight time from TO?

What language do they speak in Antigua? Spanish? English? Or..?What about sell-offs and/or last minute deals? Are they as good as Cuba or the DR?

Thanks in advance for any and all info on this destination. Just researching for our Spring ’07 trip.

Hi Shirley: The Hawksbill is on the west coast of Antigue about 15 minutes south of the Capital of St. Johns and about 25 minutes from the airport. Very touristy in St Johns. Cruise ships dock there a few times a week. There are shops, grocery stores, banks, casinos and restaurants and clubs. Much diffferent than Cayo Largo. The resort is very quiet like the Sol and the Barcelo but not as remote as the resorts on Cayo Largo. You never get the Robinson Cruso feeling on Antigua. We visited three of the four Hawksbill beaches. Our favorite was Eden beach. Very few guests (maybe 5-6 other couples a day) used that beach – no services on Eden. The main beach (2nd) has the bar and restuarant. You can get to Antigua from Toronto but it most likely won’t be a direct flight. You might have to change planes in Miami, Atlanta or San Juan. Antigua is southeast of St. Martin and the Virgin Islands and the flight time is about 5 hrs. English is spoken everywhere on the island. It was a British Colony until recently, maybe 25 years ago. TripCentral sells package tours to Antigua but you can get a better price online through Expedia, Travelocity or AmericanExpress travel. You might have to drive across the border and fly out of a US city to get the best price. We booked two months in advance and got a very good price through Exedia. We had a great time at the Hawksbill and I’m sure you won’t be dissapointed. Our favorite place is still Paraiso beach on Cayo Largo. If you do a google seach for Antigua Barbuda you should be able to find the official sites. Good Luck, daveb
daveb – you are a gem! Thanks so much for the info. Will delve deeper into this destination.
Hi Ella! Had to respond since my nana’s name was Ella 2!I have been to the Hawksbill12 times but the last time was a few years ago.I travelled to many islands in the caribbean and even sailed there for 17 mths but thats a different story.As with any resort or vacation it all depends on what one is looking for.Here what the Hawksbill is: 3 star…if you want luxury then forget this resortsmall resort…mostly european visitorsbeautiful lush grounds4 beachs…1 clothing optional and rarely used…lolgreat swimming right at the resort including a coral reef you can swim to…be careful of sea urchins..some visitors have stepped on them and it’s very painful and can ruin your vacation…just wear aqua shoes or flippersstaff are very friendly, helpful,and efficient which is rare in a lot of resorts in the Carib.Food is good if you like seafood you’ll be happy…but its not the Ritz!If you want lots of action/nightlife,etc this place may not be for youIf you want a tranquil, relaxed placed you found one of the best.I could go on and on.Provide you with lots of info if you like. Food is very expensive like most Carib places so would suggest all-inclusive or MAP plan.Let me know what other info you want.Sadly after a ruff divorce I can’t afford to go this year…but maybe next year!Cheers, from a guy in Ontario….ALLAN
Thanks to all for your comments re Hawksbill. We stayed at Galley Bay a couple of years ago and i realise from what i’ve read on Hawksbill so far, that it isn’t the same standard as G.B.I walked to the top of the hill from G.B where you can look down to Hawksbill and thought it looked worth a visit.

Luxury is nice but as long as the meals are o.k and the rooms clean and comfortable at Hawksbill, that will be fine. There are 4 of us going and we’ve booked the Club rooms. Off in 3 weeks time and counting down !!! Ella

hi again Ella! We stayed at was called beach chalets. Right on the beach. Sadly the place was sold a while back to the Rex chain and they have made several changes including the rooms as well . So I can’t offer much info on the Club rooms…I can say this i am not a big fan of Rex hotels/resorts.I am familiar with Galley Bay it is definitely superior to The Hawksbill. But the HB was a small resort (it use to have just 82 rooms) with gorgeuos grounds and 4 beaches..but perhaps the tranquility has gone with the new expansion/ownership. If you are a pool person find another place. If you like the beach this is your spot in Antigua. Let me know how your trip went. I might go back there next year or go to Barbuda or….Cuba. just got back from Cayo Coco it was very nice!

Cheers, Allan email: [email protected]

Re the clothing optional beach – we visited Hawksbill for the day from our cruise ship specially for this beach. It is one of the most beautiful spots I have ever visited. The Hawks Bill rock formation in the middle of this small bay is stunning. The beach itself is very nice, although no services available (we brought a small cooler and bought beer at the bar in the resort to carry in) and we were the only people on the beach that day. Possibly because we scared them away with our bare butts, etc.

Air Canada has a direct flight from Toronto every day at 10:15 AM>cheers!

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