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I am flying back on May 21. This time i am flying via West Jet. West Jet does not offer club class like Airtransit..I am curious as to the seating space and what else I might find different in flying via West Jet for the first time..

WestJet is by far the best airline. It offers better leg space then the ordinary charter and the stewards are a hoot with their comedy routines.

It is probably becoming if it isnt already the best Canadian airline.

they are simply the airline or carrier. They dont offer any packages. Im not sure which tour company uses WestJet as there carrier…but they flew us to Panama when we went.Great flight, on time and always great comments from staff on the plane.

One of the WestJet flight attendants told us they will setting up their own tour company soon – looking forward to it! We just had a great trip with them – both flights on time and no schedule changes. The tour company was Nolitours and the tickets were issued by Air Transat. Have to admit, Nolitours seemed very well organised. Only thing I didn’t like was that you are separated from your luggage on the trip to and from the airport (bags went by truck and arrived before busses).

How long is the flight to Panama from Toronto??? just over 4 hours…but 3.5ish on the way back…so its a long flight but well worth it.

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