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Spunky 2018-03-07 01:27:18 UTC #1

We have Travel Health Insurance through our Group Insurance Plan, but it only pays us back when we get home and submit receipts. Not a big deal for us because we have credit cards to draw emergency cash to pay medical bills. What if we were traveling without credit cards? If we had an accident or injury we’d be expected to pay the doctor or hospital in cash or not be allowed to leave the country. Cuban Asistur travel health insurance costs 2.5CUC -3CUC per day and pays the clinics, hospitals and doctors directly. If we have no insurance, Asistur is a bargain compared to some of the offerings from the Canadian Tour Operators. If we have insurance, Asistur is the way our bills are paid immediately, so we can take advantage of our personal or group coverage to fly us home for treatment and pay the $30,000 bill for the flight. Something to think about when we’re talking about 17.5CUCs for a week. Available at a booth at the airports when you arrive. Here’s the link:

jetpilot 2018-03-07 03:20:42 UTC #2

That does sound pretty interesting. I do have a good health plan through work but, for a cost of CUC$17.50 for a week it is a good emergency back up plan for sure. My Mother pays approximately CAD$120 for a eight day plan for her vacation destinations. So for Cuba that is a lot cheaper.

sweetmystery 2018-03-07 04:05:06 UTC #3

Does sound good. We book with our Royal Bank Visa and that covers our insurance. But as mentioned you have to pay expenses with the card and get paid later. Hmmmm for Cuba that may be a problem; paying cash would be a problem too, because we only bring $200.00?

Spunky 2018-03-08 02:02:33 UTC #4

They might take perfume, LOL.

sweetmystery 2018-03-09 01:29:42 UTC #5

Spunky I will be a lady today and not say what I was thinking:grin:
So does one purchase the Cuban medical insurance at the airport?

Spunky 2018-03-09 02:09:37 UTC #6

L, You are a Lady. Yes, the insurance is sold at the airport. For our “distant” future, after 70, theres’ a 2 or 3 CUC additional fee per day.

That’s about a quarter or less of the cost here.

sweetmystery 2018-03-09 02:18:23 UTC #7

Hubby tells me there are days when I could put a trucker to shame and a grown man cry…Hey I did promise him that he would not be bored with me Sounds like it is worth it to get the insurance for Cuba. Peace of mind.
Granted we have been cheating on Cuba lately, but we sure miss it.

bebbie 2018-03-26 01:26:30 UTC #8

Do you have to fill out any forms if you buy the insurance in Cuba? Would any pre-existing medical issues affect getting this insurance.

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