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Hello, I have been on the Cuba forum since the Fall. I went to Cuba April 1st to 15th. I am now thinking of St. Martin for April 2006. Looking for an AI with nice calm beach and Disco. Any suggestions?

we stayed at the maho, nice hotel but the staff so rude and unhelpful, limeted evening entertainment, so if you do go dont do all inc coz we did and spent most nights at cheris accros the way as hotel dull in evening

that is where we wre ment to stay last june but they closed it for refurb so id guess it would be pretty good now. ignore reviews before july of last yeah .nicki


We have stayed at the Great Bay Beach Resort every year for the last 8yrs and love it there…..we usally go in June but last year we went for 2 weeks the end of May as they were closing for reno’s, our friends came with us for the 1st week. The second week we had the hotel almost to ourselves as there was only 20 people staying at the hotel, and it was great. We had the pool all to our selves almost everyday, it was soooo relaxing. The food is good and the staff are the best any where. Our friends are there right now and return tomorrow, I will get them to do a review of the hotel now that it is up and running again. Looking forward to finding a good sell off this summer so we can return this year.

I would recomend Maho as well. That’s where the life is in Sint-Maarten. But AI, I don’t think that would be good idea. You have such a number of good restaurant in the area at a walking distance. Prices there stand between $US 20 to over $US 50 if you like so.There is a new supermarket at Maho, and you can have there great for 7 to 10 $US.Take aways or on the spot.If you’re driving just a day don’t miss the Boathouse Restaurant at Simpson Bay. You’ll love it.Our best experience in Sint-Maarten lately.

Have fun…

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