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This board is not getting many visits. But perhaps someone will be able to answer my question. Are there any small (under 300 rooms roughly) A-I, A-O resorts on the island? We know nothing about Jamaica so would appreciate whatever help we can get. Thanks. ;D

I would probably suggest going to a travel agency and getting some brochures of the airlines that go to Jamaica. Some are Air Canada Vacations, Sunwing, WestJet, Transat Holidays etc. and see which Adults only resorts they have to offer. Then from there you can choose which resort you would like to check out and then use the TripAdvisor website for comments made on that resort. I hope this helps a bit.

Yes, it does help. Thanks for the only response thus far. I find that it is sometimes hard to learn about resorts at T.A. since there are many listed and reviewed. Plus, the threads on the various forums change frequently and this makes it hard to keep information in mind….

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