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Anyone done that? while waiting for your flight out?I think we are going to give it a try this time, on our way down to Panama.We arrive in Toronto around 1030pm, we leave for Panama at 6:25am. Would have to be there at 4ish am, so thought what the heck?Nothing like starting the holidays off, a bit different…. Figured since we have a 4/5 hour flight then another 2 hours to the resort, why not try?? lolIt will be the first, question is will it be the last…..
Hi, we did the same last year, got to TO about 11:30, flight was at 06:30. No real problems, just found a place to sit, and ended up talking to a bunch of people, worked out fine. Only problem is that there isn’t a lot of seating available until you get checked in around 3:30 am, once at the gate it is fine. The advantage is you get to be in line early.

Have fun

thanks beachlovers, i think it will be fun too. there are 4 others travelling with us, 2 would rather go to a hotel, the other 2 are undecided. my dh and i think it might be an adventure. I haven’t been to the TO airport in a very very long time. thanks again for your info.

We did this last year. Probably would not do it again. No comfortable seats/benches to sit or lie down. Nothing is open, very boring, time goes very slowly (but we were first in line to check in and got the exit aisle seats). There is a hotel connected to the terminal by a pedway. I would probably book a room at the hotel. Could at least stretch out in the room and watch some TV. Also, if you can pre-book your seats for your flight probably do not have to line up to check in until around 5:00.

correct bebbie, way toooo long yet! lol, but hey i’m going rite?! My ideal time is end january and february. we have some pretty cold winters where i live and like to think of this as my "winter" breakaway. The couples we are going with both like going at the end of the season so that when they return, it’s nicer weather. Guess i do understand their thoughts, and obviously got outvoted! But nonetheless, anxious as ever.
Lynnb – that is right……….may be awhile yet before you go, but at least you are getting away. We still don’t know when we will go. Pretty sure it will be Panama though. The hotel at the airport – Sheraton Gateway – is a great hotel and so convenient. I think they have rates for short term stays. Meaning a few hours. You could always ask.

Tc – Great travel companions…………sigh………this year ours are going elsewhere, with family. We will definitely miss them, but know we will still have a great time returning to Panama.

yes, we did think of that too. We have a room booked on our way back, our connectors don’t quite match. plus we will have another 5+ hour drive from Winnipeg.
Ahhh, we are going to try it. We will know for next time! lol, figured 5 hours on the plane and a couple ona bus… so we will be the canucks with our faces planted in our food on the first nite! lol (i won’t wear my canada stuff that nite). look out the next day tho!

Hi Tracey, I was speaking with someone last nite who has been there before and they said yes, when you mention your Canadian, they luv you as much as you luv them! I normally watch at some of the shops here and purchase those cheaper T’s with Canana embroidered on them. We will use them (embarrassed to say this) on our chairs in the am while we are having breaky and then we leave them behind. (we don’t wear them) I like to bring things from Canada down, whether it’s flags that i put on our balcony (to find our way back some nites lol) to little pins, to stickers to pencils. Will have to remember the weight thing, haven’t been caught on that one yet, but sure it will happen soon. dh will not be impressed.

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