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are you snowbound yet? I understand the storm that we had the last few days (in Ontario) was headed your way???

It took us a while to dig ourselves out.

Hi DdF, we got hit pretty good with snow and wind the other night, but it then turned to rain and washed it all away…..sorry. In my job, I travel across the province weekly and have been snowed-in a few times when away, but at home here outside Halifax "nothing"…..sorry. This winter has been unreal for us, but don’t tell anyone, or "it" might happen to us, so we’ll just keep this between the two of us.Want to buy a very slightly used snow shovel?The days are getting longer and the sun is getting stronger, it won’t be long now until we’ll be ordering those cold cervesa down at the beach bar (to wash down the burgers and ribs).

We actually have a couple of very good friends going to "our" resort for March break, their first time to Mexico and are they ever excited. We have their week all planed for them, with a few minutes to spare for R&R, if they really want it. So do you have your bag pack yet?

forgot to mention……51 days – 9 hrs – 50 min- 36 sec until lift off…….woops, it just changed (again)

Hey Jake, will start taking things out of storage beginning of March. I start really early.Yes our snow is gone, by boy is it cold out!Oh well, this too shall pass.Yes a nice cold drink with those burgers and ribs…mmmm…can taste them now.

Yes there is always a party at the Bahia Principe!!!

Hi Deputy, you found us. Looks like "CSI Wisconsin" is on the job. Anything and everything is good to go here, especially if it has to do with Mexico and the fun to be had. One of these times, you’ll have to think about giving the Bahia a chance, it’s a gooder way to vacation.

Hey there DdF, we are ready to start our "practice pack" very soon, but will try to hold off as long as we can. Talk about cold up your way, well let me tell you about "cold"……we have it blowing in off the Atlantic and just let me say "I’m glad I’m not a brass-monkey" (read between the lines if you must).

OK i will take the crash course on the Bahia Principe ***hands out the beers*** also pours us each a shot of tequila.BTW, it is currently cold and snowing, and I am sitting at t-7 days until Mexico ;DNext round is yours…


Trust me on this one Deputy, we likes our ice cold cervesa…..but we loves our "TEQUILA". Any time you’re ready, the drinks are on me, if there’s one thing Jake is good at, it’s making sure everyone has a "gooder" time. We only get this one kick at the cat, so we have to make sure we leave our mark while we’re here.

Yes those brass monkeys do freeze (hehehe)

We are close to Lake Ontario, but not that close. Yes those Atlantic breezes can be a bit harsh in the winter. But pretty soon we will be feeling those Caribbean breezes, much better than we get in our own country! It still is cold here in Toronto but it is supposed to be warmer next week, they tell us plus 5 and 6, so we shall see. Beats those double digits in the minuses that is for sure…

Plus 5 & 6, is there anyway you can package some of that and send it down east? As you said, it won’t be long until we are all feeling those Mexican rays and forgetting all about the cold cold north.


DdF, well happy days for you, we are in the middle of the worst storm of the year. A drive that usually takes us three hours, took very close to six today. Come on Mexico, this cold and snow are really get to me, I need a cold beer and an order of ribs and a burger.Deputy…….arrrrggh, I knew I wasn’t going to like you (T-5 days), oh yeah well who’s counting?

You’re so lucky to be going soon, wouldn’t be interested in a trade would you? Are there many people going in your group, or is it a quiet getaway?

Your stuck in the snow? I am kind of jealous, because quite frankly I am dreadfully sick of this drabby dirty brown look. I would much prefer that white fluffy white stuff they call snow that we use to get in Wisconsin.

Our normal group of 6 is a group of 4 this year, but I am hoping to be suprised by some friends that plan on finding me ;D. It is never quiet when I am in town

Well you know when I am at home pouting because your rubbing your sandy shoes in my face…we will be friends again… ;D

Trust me Deputy, you don’t want the snow we have here today.We drove six hours to get here and the whole town is closed due to the storm. I’m sitting in a hotel watching it snow and blow so bad, we don’t know if we will be getting out in the morning or not. Worst of all…the liquor store was one of the first things to close…….YIKES.Not too worry, I’m sure we will be friends again….once the shoe is on the other foot.

I hope you have lots of friends surprise you when you get to the resort, it’s so much "gooder" to share the good times with lots of friends, or maybe you will make lots of new ones.

What happened to DdF? What did you do to her?? you meanie!We made it above ZERO today!! It was 46F today!! I drove with my sunroof open!! It was a tropical heatwave!So I hope that you ordered up some room service since the liquor stores are all closed, I have to say, even in our worst storms they stay open..it must be a redneck Wisconsin thing ;D.I think its DdF’s turn to pour the next round, What is the diving like at Bahia?


I’m here folks, just busy is all. Jake my sympathies to you, it is +4 today, almost balmy considering the craziness of the cold we have been having. That snow you are talking about is coming right up the cost and we are supposed to be getting some on Sunday, but we shall see, keep your fingers crossed that we don’t.Not sure about the diving at the Bahia, but ever since I saw the movie Jaws, I don’t go into the deep water, too frightening for me!!!I hear the snorkelling and diving at Akumal Bay is awesome. We generally go into Akumal a couple of times while we are there for the supermarket and then hit the beach for a drink, beautiful little bay.Actually, looking forward to checking out the Walmart in PDC. Should be interesting.
Deputy, we have to remember DdF has one of those…..what’s it called….oh yeah, a life. She is always around some where waiting to give the other "Bahia Nuts" a hand when the questions roll in. I too am not much of a source of information when it comes to the diving at the resort. I do know they have dive tours that leave right from the beach and head out "somewhere". I can say the snorkeling is good right along the reef just off the beach. Too many fish to try and count or describe, but it was wonderful the couple of times I got to enjoy it. Then came the "incident" at the main pool which left me on antibiotics for the rest of our trip, so there was no more swimming or alcohol for Jake for the next twelve days (boo-hoo for me).

Trust me, I’ll be making up for lost time this trip. Although I might add as a foot-note, "AVOID THE WATER BALLOON FIGHT" if the still have it on Tuesday afternoon.

Ok, Jake. You can’t just stop there – what about the water balloon fight?

Jake has quite a few stories to tell, don’t ya Jake?

The water balloon fight takes place in the main pool on Tuesday afternoons and is between the entertainment staff and anyone who is in the pool. I got hit twice in the same ear, the first hit filled my ear canal with water and the second hit burst the ear drum. Another good "game" to avoid is the beach darts held down at the beach bar. They pour tequila down your throat and spin you around, then expect you to throw a dart at a board. The problem is, the board backs on the beach, so any darts that miss the board, fly onto the beach area. We saw one guy get hit in the leg and who knows just how dirty the darts are after going into the plywood backboard or landing in the sand. We spoke to the front desk and the General Manager and were told these things would be addressed……let’s hope.

Oh, I thought it may be a funny story behind that – guess not. Doesn’t sound like much fun to me either.

Trust me…..it’ll be funny watching me play catch-up this year for all the alcohol I missed out on last time. Having that good old Cape Breton bood flowing in these veins makes it that much gooder for me to try and break the bank (or the bar).
It wasn’t quite the vacation we had hoped for, but I still enjoyed my self, walking around the resort checking out the sights and doing a lot of "bird watching". Never really knew just how much of a "nature lover" I am. I actually got to see many things around the resort that I wouldn’t usually see if I were hanging around the beach and swim-up bar all the time. So all in all, I didn’t mind it too much, but this year, it will be safety first and my snap-on-liver second.

pinacoladaddict, we leave April 8th from Halifax and will be at the Bahia Principe Tulum for two weeks. Not even sure how many in the group yet, but I know we’ll be there with bells on (not too worry, there’ll be more than just bells). Do you have any plans for a spring get-away? It’s not as though we’ll be missing the snow around these parts (been working in Yarmouth for the last few months), enough is enough already, bring on the sunshine.Hey DdF, what’s this about a Wal-Mart in PDC? So we can hit Senior Frogs and Carlos & Charlie’s, then go shopping at Wal-Mart ? Wonder if we can haggle with the clerks just like the vendors on the beach……..well it was worth a try.

We are going to the RIU Yucatan April 27th. First time to this area. I have stopped in Cozumel, years ago, while on a cruise so I can only imagine the changes I will see there.

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