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The countdown is on now for us too………. 29 more sleeps!!! Hola Mexico!!!What are your favorite drinks? I hear the frozen pina colada is good, and have you tried alot of the tequlia’s?? looking forward to that…as we are all are big drinkers and like to try anything once.See ya’s soon

P.S. Don’t forget the TARTAN!!!

Yes I was just reading Deputy343 posts sounds like she had a great time. I know what you mean about seeing what has to be gathered for the trip I went thru a bunch of my clothes the other day to see if I needed anything most looks good to go, but I must make up my list and order some US bills for tips and the such…

Yes us too, the suit cases are coming out next week need to start packing all my shoes, need an extra case just for them…. so my hubby says. never can have enough shoes.HA HA!!We did order some US bills too but thinking we may need more this trip since there seems like there is much more SHOPPING!!! LOLWhat do you leave for the maids??


Hi Lisleblanc
Getting closer we can not wait. We discovered we don’t have the big NS tartan anymore, but I found a small tartan one so we will hang that from our bamboo umbrella. We like most of the drinks there but I do not to drink too many of the frozen or creamy ones they can be really loaded with booze but they are very tasty, hard to resist and they go down too easy.

They had nice flavored tequilas in the Akumal lounge that Floyd really enjoyed. I mostly stick to the Beer, wine, a margarita or a shot of tequila now and again never hurts. I do not have the cast iron liver like Floyd and both of the Jakes so I don’t want to waste too many days suffering with a hangover if I can help it. See you on the April 8th down by the beach grill I am sure you will be settled in by then. Look for the six people with huge smiles on our faces and a plate of ribs in front of us.

Not to worry about a Tartan…..Jake is on the case, it’ll be easy to find us. The drinks will be flowing and Floyd’s Missus will be partaking in them too, for a while or at least until that "sensibility training" kicks in. I always try to get her just over the edge of that training a few times while we’re away, she is a real hoot when her "cup is half full".There are too many good drinks to list, but one of our mostest goodest favorites, has to be "ticket to fly" and yes, seat belts are recommended.As far as tipping goes, it really is a personal thing, depending on the service provided. We usually leave a few US dollars on the pillow and maybe some small trinket if we have any. Tipping the "bar-fridge-boy" is always a good idea if you’d like more beer instead of pop. Although sometimes you have to "show them" what you want in the fridge as they don’t really understand. Tipping the waiters is very important as you will discover quickly. Everyone gets good service, but "certain" people get great service.

Yes sometimes the staff will not understand what you want especially housekeeping or the kitchen staff. Here is a great travel tip if you are like me and have very limited Spanish. I found a great little travel book called "Point it" a picture dictionary so it works with any language. It contains 1200 photos of the most common things you may want or need, Food, Hotel, Transportation, shopping, entertainment. It is passport sized so it can go with you anywhere, I found my copy at a store in Halifax in Historic properties, that carries maps and travel guide books. We had the hardest time trying to get a boiled egg last time we were there until our on site TA gave us the Spanish word so we could tell the cooks. Not to mention trying to find super glue in Playa del Carmen one day…to fix Floyd’s shoes…

lisleblanc, you will be there the same time as us as well…we have 35, opps, 34-1/2 days to go…you go Jake, find that tartan.

As I said before, if all else fails I’ll fly my kilt and you’ll find us for sure. Then again, I’ll be easy to find, I’ll be the guy setting up his own "shoe-bootie-croc" shop down by the snack-bar.

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