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There are several of us who are familiar with the Bahamas, and are happy to post our experience as well as answer questions about the Bahamas in general.
Food and drink prices in the Bahamas, like many destinations, depends on where you are going, but – as a general rule, the Bahamas is not an inexpensive destination. If you are eating out a lot you can expect food and drink prices to be similar to what you would find in a nice restaurant in a large metropolitian city.

[quote Hey Digitalguy…. there have been a number of questions asked, since you posted this….. are you on vacation? [/quote]
Yes. Sorry. Back now.
Thought I might add my opinion. Nassau is a lot more expensive than Jamaica or Mexico and I question the value for money. Nassau is clean and modern and very Westernized. Even the locals are just like us North Americans in culture – as per our experience. Due to close proximity to USA you will find the resorts prices will reflect what you find in USA or Canada for that matter. Catch the local transport downtown and wonder around – it feels very safe and is quite pleasurable. The ferry from Nassau to Paradise Island is great with a charismatic tour guide on the boat – great characters.Paradise Island, quite impressive but is a concrete jungle with all its buildings and water features, but the pools have nice shade whereas the beaches have none. Too much concrete and while great for families, we would not go there. We are 2 older adults who want adults only resorts. This is too much like a ‘Disney Land/World’ holiday – some may want this though.

All in all, it is worth visiting to experience what it is like, but I do not think they get the type of repeat business they would like. Too much smoking on this Island for my liking, including in the resorts – very off putting

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