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I have spent 3 years going to Hidden Beach. You could not ask for a more wonderful staff. I will NEVER go again. We took a group every year spending in excess of $58,000 last year alone with these people. Our trip last summer ended it for us. Again staff was great. We went on a nude cruise (not with them) while we were waiting to be picked up, they surrounded us with security and would not allow us to board our schuttle, they made us go out to the highway to catch our shuttle. Management would not even talk to us about it. Instead they sent a rep from the excurssion company to quiz us about our sailing. Then our last night there one of my group had there room broken into and lost in excess of $3000.00 in cash and jewlery. They made out a security report that had no mention of HIDDEN BEACH on it. But said that we would have to go into Playa to make an officle report. I had to make them put the Hidden Beach logo on the page. Had we done that they would have missed their flight back to the States. All they needed was a statement from security for their insurance to pay but now they say that there was no insident and act as if it never happened. Now they act like our group was not even there. Again, the staff, food, location, guest are all great. You would think that we were asking them to cover the loss, but all we needed was acknowledgement as to what happened.

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