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We are going to Barbados for the first time on May 17 for 10 days. I have tentatively booked the Hilton Barbados. I have read that this hotel went through some major renovations.Has anyone stayed at this hotel recently?We are not necessarily looking for an all inclusive resort(we know it is expensive) and we want some place that offers lots of sports and activities. I have read in few places that the water can get quite choppy even on the South and West Coast. The Hilton seems to be located in a cove so I don’t know how choppy the water gets there. We would be grateful to any feedback.
Hi there:Barbados is beautiful. The Hilton is amazing! I didn’t stay there, but I’m getting married in Barbados in February, if our plans ever work out, and I was there in May for my second visit to Barbados.In May my mother and I toured many hotels on the South coast to try to find an ideal place for me and my guests.The Hilton was beautiful and May is an ideal time to go there. The hotel & rooms are clean, but it is a high building and the rooms are very similar to the rooms here.Almost every room at the Hilton is oceanview because it is on a pennisula. The South Coast has waves. The Hilton beach is beautiful, as are its grounds, but yes, there will be waves. The West coast has no waves… go there if you want calm water.The Hilton is NOT an all-inclusive and the food is quite expensive there. Also there are not a lot of cheap alternatives in walking distance, but it is fairly close to Bridgetown and Rockley and transportation is cheap, safe and plentiful. $1.50 BDS (0.75 US) will get you almost anywhere if you take a bus or minivan.I would not recommend going all-inclusive in Barbados, but food is expensive. And if you go West Coast there are a lot of all-inclusive options.My top choice (because I wanted South Coast) was the Accra. It was beautiful. The grounds weren’t huge, but it was clean and I loved the location and proximity to shopping, groceries, convenience stores, restaurants, etc. If you want pics of the Hilton or any other places I visited or need any info about the South Coast I’ve done loads of research. Just let me know.A

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