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As you can tell, we had a great trip and will go back to Aruba any time. We have been to Barbados twice, Antigua, Turks and Caicos, St. Maarten, Varadero and Aruba. This island is still by far our favorite.

Arrival: February 18 to February 25/05 at the Aruba Holiday Inn Sunspree All Inclusive Resort We just returned from one of the best vacations we’ve ever had. My husband (40) and I (35, no children) would like to recommend the Holiday Inn Sunspree to everyone. We flew Skyservice/Sunquest from Toronto on February 18th. As usual, the Skyservice crew was professional and the flight was smooth. Our arrival and trip through the airport in Aruba was friendly and seamless. The airport has been completely updated since our last trip to Aruba 5 years ago. We were on the bus to the hotel within 45 minutes of landing.

We arrived at the hotel at 4:00pm, and our luggage was right behind us. Check in was a breeze. Our room was ready, and the front desk staff was happy and friendly. Our room on the 4th floor of the Aruba tower, on the lobby end facing the parking lot, was clean, well stocked with towels and quiet. The television had satellite stations and there was a new in-room safe (a big plus). The maid service throughout the stay was perfect, and the housekeeping staff went out of their way to help (even repaired the stitching of my bathing suit for free and smiled while doing it). Overall, great accommodations. And we were not charged to use the phone from the room.

Food & beverage:
My husband and I wandered around the grounds and found all the bars and restaurants quickly and sat down to a freshly made cheeseburger and fries in the lounge (a snack before dinner). Everyone found it strange that at every meal and every time you ordered a drink, you had to sign a bill. We never had this at an all inclusive before. It was explained that this was for inventory control and to stop the all-inclusive guests from giving stuff to the non all-inclusive guests. Guess it makes sense. Breakfast was a treat for us. You could go to the lobby bar for a quick breakfast of danishes, muffins, coffee tea and juice if you were in a hurry or wanted a quick breakfast, or you could go to the buffet inside near the casino for one of the best all-inclusive breakfasts we have had. They had tons of fresh fruit, well cooked bacon and sausages, scrambled eggs, boiled eggs, a chef to prepare an egg any way you want it, pancakes, freshly made waffles, cereal, cold cuts, cheeses, muffins…….and on and on. Get there early to avoid the line up, but even late, there is lots of food. You are on vacation, so if you wait in line, just relax. The lunch buffet was held in the same place and was just as wonderful. From fresh soups and salads to hot meals, fresh breads and deserts, the selection changed daily and the quality was excellent. You could also have lunch at the Seabreeze restaurant from a menu, which was quite good. You also had the option of getting your meals from the Seabreeze and the buffet to go if you wished to eat on the beach. Our dinners at the various restaurants ranged from good to great. The dinner buffet was usually outside by the pool (inside during rain). There was a different theme every night, but there was not a huge selection of food to choose from, however it was good. The next dinner choice was the Seabreeze (near the pool). You could go there any night without a reservation, and the meals were off of a menu, ranging from soup and salad to shrimp and steak. Some items on the menu cost an additional $2.00, but it was worth it. You could also get a pretty good glass of red or white wine with your meal, and the service was very good. The third restaurant, the Miramar, required that you reserve at the front desk the same day that you wanted to go. Even though they accepted reservations from 8:30am to 3:00pm, all the reservations were taken up within the first hour, so be down there early! You can go there every night if you wish. The food here was great, as was the service. There was also a surcharge for a few items here, but they never charged me for it. We dined there twice and were just as happy both nights.

To do: Most of our time was spent worshipping the sun by the beach. There are lots of chairs to go around, but it is still best to find a spot early in the day. Towels are provided and there was always a good supply. The pool and hot tub area were recently updated and were very nice, but we did not use them much as they were quite busy with families and children. No matter where you choose to sit, there is a bar close by, and there were always jugs of cold drinking water available. The water on the island is delicious and safe to drink. Drink LOTS of it if you plan on being in the sun. One day we rented a car out of the hotel from Hertz, and it was a good experience. We ordered a compact but got a midsize for the same price of $35.00, no tax of course. The roads are pretty safe to drive, and we had a great time driving around the island to different areas. One day we jumped on the local bus to downtown shopping. It only costs $1.00 each way and it is right outside the hotel. There were no problems anywhere we went, day or night, and we always felt safe. We did not go on any packages, but heard they were also good.

The weather was really good. Almost every morning around 7:30 there were clouds and maybe some rain, but by 9:00 it was all sun and blazing hot. There was only one day that it rained until about 2:00, and that was the perfect time to go shopping. Make sure to bring your sunscreen and a hat. That sun can really sneak up on you. Also be sure to walk the boardwalk between all the hotels and don’t be afraid to walk through the lobbies and grounds of the other properties. There is lots to see.

As you can tell, we had a great trip and will go back to Aruba any time. We have been to Barbados twice, Antigua, Turks and Caicos, St. Maarten, Varadero and Aruba. This island is still by far our favorite.

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