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I have enjoyed the reviews and forums on here and thought maybe the community might be able to help specifically on this.I’m booking our honeymoon for the end of April and was looking for some advice on destinations, agents and when is the best time to book.I’m looking for a place where she’ll be wowed by our room, service and setting. Considered Sandals, but I understand much better bang for the buck at other resorts. Have been considering Mayan Riviera since there are some nice looking resports there, but was also hopeful for more unique destinations (ie: Antigua, St. Jucia, etc.)Some particulars:- All inclusive, leaving the resort is not a significant consideration.- Not Cuba, Jamaica, Barbados or the Dominican- Total budget $5-6K- 11 nights (Monday to Friday)Destination ideas, recommended agents and the best time to book would all be appreciated.

Thanks in advance!

Check the reviews/amenities for honeymooners at the El Dorado Royale, Mayan Riviera. A co-worker of mine honeymooned there two year’s ago and is still talking about how fabulous it was. They had a suite with their own pool that connected to a lazy river that led to a swim-up bar.

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