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I am trying to confirm some details quickly, as I leave tmrw morning for Varadero.I am staying at Memories, and have friends staying at a resort in town, so the plan is to meet up in the evenings with them.I know there is the open double decker bus that for $5cuc/day you can get off and on, but that always stopped around 9pm I believe.However, apparently there is another bus line that runs much later, and it costs approx $2cuc each time to get off and on this bus.Wondered if anyone here has firsthand knowledge or experience about this.I am hoping to head into town 3-4 evenings and if I was to cab it there and back each time, would be approx $150cuc’s or so. Much prefer to take a cheaper mode of transportation, as long as there is an option.

Thanks in advance….

Hopefully someone with recent direct experience will jump in, but my understanding is that the "late" bus still shuts down early at 11:00pm so it’s pretty useless for any real partying.Good luck finding another option to the insane Varadero taxi prices…Cheers,


In my opinion it’s kinda crazy that Varadero doesn’t have some kind of a shuttle bus running up and down the peninsula all the time (or at least until very late, minimum 2:00am) but I’m sure the taxi mafia would never allow that to happen…Cheers,


On the other board, there was some info about the Giovta(sp?) bus lines(green and white ones) and someone said they run till 2am. But I am not familar with this at all and a little wary to plan or depend on it.

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