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We are with RCI, which means nothing to these people. we had no hot water and very little water pressure, the water that did come out was seawater, salt water. phones don’t wore, light switches spark, small 1980 tv. draweres fall out when pulled. old wicker furniture. no activities, gym is 1972 golds gym style, manual bike, some weights no treadmill or ac in the place. we were without ac for two days. no day care, tennis courts are dirty and deserted, beache is dirty, halv the resort is deserted for repairs, or so they told us. the big pool with waterfalls is closed. only one restaurant is avail and they serve us white rice, black beans, chicken and potatoes for lunch and dinner all six days, breakfast is same each day. no fress fruit like the images shown. this place is third world country with third world accomodations. don’t go!!. locals steal your money by calculating the american dollar at a much lesser rate. it’s awful, please don’t go…we are all still sick 5 days later. going to see my doctor today, unable to hold anything down. possibly cholera, too close to haitian border..they allow locals into the resort on weekends and offer no security..these people are rude, push you in line, blow their noses in the air inside the restaurant…it was a total waste of meney and a nightmare..

Room Number:

june 5, 2011: was quick, we were told to hurry up and eat because the restaurant closes at 2;30 and reopens at 6pm. the person knew nothing about rci and the vacation club ofc was closed. no welcome package was left for us, nothing…

out dated, old wicker furniture. old 19in tv, light switches spark when touched, no water pressure, water is salty, like ocean water, bath room is old and towels are dingy and paper thin, you are lucky to get some each day as we were told they have to do laundry before they can supply you with towels and you are limited to one towel per day.

Restaurants and Bars:
one restaurant, same food is served everyday (white rice, black beans, chicken and potatoes for lunch and dinner). bread is old, milk is goat milk and warm, awful

beach is dirty, only one small area is cleaned for swimming. they have seaurchants in the beach, only two pools are open, the one with the water falls is closed, ha;f the resort is deserted, unkept, vendors don’t leave you alone.

Activities on and off the Resort/Hotel: no activities are vailable on the resort.

they have a few young people who dance with the children and do dumb things as the go but no entertainment what-so-ever. off the resort you can go places but everything is overpriced for americans, the locals pay a much lesser rate for everything…we went on a catamarrn excursion and were taken to a part of the island where people live in palm wood shacks, children are naked , barefoot, women and men are barefoot, we had to walk through cow manure to get to the other side where we found a beautiful beach. food was included but again same thing unless you pay for lobster you get rice, beans, chicken..

Other Comments:
don’t go, only peaple who really like this place are the locats only because the have much much less

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