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Hopefully someone can help me with this. We have been to Cuba 5 times and usually stay in a 3 star. We have been happy with our accommodations. My question is how do other caribbean countries rate? Would a 3 star in Dom. Rep or Mexico be like a 3 star in Cuba?
Since we have not been to any other Caribbean country other than Cuba I am looking to try a different destination for our next vacation. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you

IMHO, depends on the hotel chain. I have stayed at 3 starts that I think are 4, and have stated at some I thought should be less.I can’t account for Cuba, but all the other caribbean countries, I can say I really think its all about your own opinion and standards.I always think, that I will never stay in anything less than a 3, but again, IMHO its about your own standards.There are diamonds in the rough, that are 2s or 3s but I think are 4s or 5s. there are new resorts that are not usually rated above a 3 until after their 1st year(Edenh Real Arean D.R) and I have found those to be 5.Good luck in your quest, go with your gut.


As much as I hate to, I have to agree with you once again DeputyCome on Sunday……

I am looking for a fun in the sun winter get away , clean, edible food ( we Never had any problems in Cuba in regards to food. and I am not a fussy eater.) I have only been to Cuba and would just like to experience other countries such as Dominican Rep. Or Mexico
So I am researching early to see where we would like to go. The answer of a 3 in Mexico vs a 4 in Cuba is helpful. Thank you. Gives me an idea of what to expect.

We found the biggest difference was the people. Cubans are very happy to talk about their country while many people in the other countries mentioned, have a cousin who sells real estate. Cheapy!On the other hand, Cubans don’t need you to survive. In other countries, the workers could starve to death if they don’t earn money from tourists. So it isn’t hard to guess which countries give the "best" service.Many Cuban resorts are 3 star hotels on a 5 star beaches. New math makes them 4 stars, according to them.If I’m going for the beach, I like that. Just came back from DR and the resort was a 5 star on a 3 star beach. Still called a 5 star, it would have been a 4 star in Cuba.
IMHO, your statement in regards to Cubans vs, other ethnicities is way off base.I don’t know maybe you haven’t been far off the resorts in the countries that you have visited…but to cut someone’s heritage, or way of life based on which country they live in is pretty harsh…again IMHO.Gigi, do you want a good beach? Do you dive or snorkel? What sort of ambiance do you prefer?In all my travels I have found that I like the island of Cozumel the best, you can find excellent accommodations, cheap food off resort that is impeccable, and the Cozumeleno’s really live and work with their hearts on their shoulders. However keep in mind, this is a ship port, so getting off the seafront is really mandatory, but in comparison to other ports, I have found Cozumel, in all aspects so much friendlier.If your looking for something a little more off the beaten path, I would suggest Central America. There are plenty of pristine beaches, yet you are further from the average tourist.If you don’t intent to leave the resort, and prefer night life, perhaps you wish to be in an area like Cancun. If you don’t require a lot of nightlife, and like seclusion…maybe the Riviera.You really have endless choices.Good look in your quest!!Deputy

For sure there are endless choices this is why I am trying to start my search early. Having only been to Cuba I have no idea what the other islands are like. Or what to expect. I enjoy a nice sandy beach. clear water. Love to snorkel. Night life is not that important. We love to venture out of the resort. I still remember when we first booked for Cuba we were told to never book anything less than a 3 star. Since I have never investigated any other country not sure what to expect.


I already know that I am going to have to save a few extra $ for other locations besides Cuba. But I know I can do it if I want it badly enough and if I start researching and planning now come winter I will have all the $ I need. Or so I hope I do . LOL

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