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Is it necessary to bring a power converter for this resort?

Every resort I have been to in Cuba has been 220v but some rooms will have a 120v outlet in the bathroom(not all). Always best to take a converter unless you are using newer electronic equipment that will be worldwide voltage. It will always say on the label of the adapter.You will need an adapter to switch from the European 2 round plug to the US/Canada 2 prong. This is different from a converter, which just converts the voltage.

It’s also a good idea to take a small power bar to eliminate spikes as some members have had equipment ruined with power surges in Cuba.

It usually depends on what you are looking to plug in. Most things like phones, chargers, speakers are 110/220 here in Canada, so you should be fine.But big energy uses like irons, blow dryers etc prob aren’t and you would need a converter of some sorts.

While I havent stayed in Hotel Villa, I have stayed in reosrts all over Cuba and never needed an adapter or converter!

Plug my phone in at a resort in cuba and by the end of the trip i had to get a new phone??? wouldn’t charge at all by the end??

never had a problem here…..have had different phones, stayed at different resorts, in different parts of Cuba…never an issue.Sounds strange. If there was a problem with the electric current, it prob would have either blown the phone up, or just done nothing to it?

Sorry to hear that. Never heard of that happening to anyone in all my years of travels. Must have been some bad luck….certainly not the norm.

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