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Two adults, one child – one week in Varadero. How much sunscreen do we need to pack? I don’t want to weigh down my suitcase too much but I want to make sure we have enough.

That can be a fairly individual decision. It depends on how active you are, how much time you spend in the water and in the sun. My wife and I usually manage with 3 – 4 tubes or bottles (again though size matters – both the size of the bottle and size of the bodies), but spend a lot of time in the shade (where I have been known to get pink) and not a lot of time in the water.

You can NEVER have enough sun lotion!! Besides, sunscreen is muy expensive in those hotel boutiques.

So more is less…

We travel as a family of four, but usually go for two weeks. I would say we use a 250ml bottle every two days. We liberally apply lotion in the morning before breakie, and take a spray-on to reapply when necessary at the beach.

If it were me, I would be taking 3-4 bottles plus a spray on for touch ups.

I’d suggest starting your packing with the lightest weight luggage possible, maybe a nylon pack or gym bag. Put the extra sunscreens and clothes and lightweight things in there. Everyone could have a smaller container in carry on, meeting regulations of course. Roll the ziplock bag in hats, also essential, esp. for kids. I buy the travel size empty containers from a drug store and fill with 100 ml of a high spf for the first day or so, just in case luggage is late in arriving. Ditto for a weeks supply of shampoo and conditioner. We have no problem taking only a few well coordinated bits of clothing for a week, and we do rinse out if necessary and dry inside overnight. The sun can be very hot in March and sunburn is unpleasant as well as unsafe. Get a good after sun moisture cream as well, as it helps take the sting out of dried skin. Then, leave the extra shoes at home. Have a great time…we’ll leave in 15 days and can’t wait!
You can NEVER have enough sun lotion!! Besides, sunscreen is muy expensive in those hotel boutiques.

So more is less…

We checked out the prices in Guardalavaca last year and did not find sunscreen overly expensive. I was actually quite surprised. Don’t remember the exact price, but I recall thinking that it seemed reasonable.

So much depends on your pre Tanning and the amount of sun you will be exposing yourself to while away. Last trip we (2 of us) took dawn a spf 30, spf 15 and an 8 spf. we came home with maybe 1/2 of each tube 125 ml used. But we had done several weeks of pre-tanning We had not intended to be that much but our trip was delayed 2 weeks due to a hurricane so we had done about 5 weeks before we loaded up on the plane. I think we would do that again if possible.

A lot depends on your skin tone. Personally, I use about a medium-size bottle (+/- 500mL) of SPF30 every two weeks. My blonde brother uses about that much a day!

So – plan on about 250-500mL per person per week.

I use 60 SPF and use a tube a week – I sit in the shade and always wear sunglasses. I keep the lotion in a ziplock bag, along with wetwipes, so my hands don’t feel grotty and slippery afterward. Don’t forget the part in your hair, and the tops of your ears , and the backs of your hands. I am extremely white and always burn, which I consider a bummer of major proportions. This is why I need to cope with frequent applications of mojitos!!!

I found some 65 UV protection T-shirts in Giant Tiger two years ago; they were being marketed to cyclists and hubby got a long-sleeved shirt that is geared for the outdoors and sun at a local sports equipment store, designed for kayakers. I wear my white t shirt in the water; it drys in 5 minutes when I’m out of the water and with my floppy brimmed hat and sunglasses, sitting under a palappa, my face is protected. I am an avid snorkler so I also have 65 UV protection shorts that I wear in the water so the backs of my legs don’t burn if I’m floating for hours in the ocean. The clothing is a more ecologically sensible alternative to the sunscreen which destroys the reefs and harms the fish if they receive high doses of sun block from hundreds of people going in the water all day long.

We go for two weeks at a time and I take down 1 bottle of 70 SPF, 2 bottles of 50 SPF and 1 bottle of 30 SPF (for hubby to use week 2 once he’s got a base tan). I use the 70 for snorkeling + a tee shirt to protect my back. Being very fair with very little melanin in my body (like Eloisegirl), I take great care to protect my skin from burning. Sunburns hurt like hell and are very unattractive Applying it frequently and abundantly (as you are supposed to) quickly uses up the bottles. We return with very little left in the bottles. I bring home the high SPFs because they are expensive to buy.
And just a reminder about what areas to not forget about when applying sunscreen – the tops of your feet!

Trillium – those shirts sound exactly what I may be looking for. Is there a brand name I can look for

Yes , do not forget those parts that do not normally see the sun. Like when you gals get the corn row hair. Your scalp burns easyNo, I am not going for the easy joke about " parts" burning.

Trillium – those shirts sound exactly what I may be looking for. Is there a brand name I can look for

I don’t know what brand Trillium is refering to but Mountain Equipment carries a line of UV protection clothing. I’m going to check out the women’s long sleeve top, they show on line, for our next trip.

Another company to check out for uv protection clothing is: NoZone:

Thanks, steffiej. I know exactly where that store is here in Victoria. Our daughter bought a couple of little outfits for our grand-daughter for our trip to the MR last November. I will also check out MEC today and see what they have to offer.

A good guide, 1 bottle per person per week.
Re-apply OFTEN!!! Don’t want to be one of those people every one looks at and says under their breath ‘looks like that hurts’.

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