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Hi guys!Well the wife is insisting on Aruba for this year’s vacation… yea, I know, but she’s the boss!! (Just kidding since she’s looking over my shoulder as I type.)Anyway, my question is about approximate eating costs in Aruba?The local travel agents say that eating is VERY expensive. I’m wondering if they’re really trying to push the all-inclusives? (They seem to promote the DIVI and the Tamarjn, which are AI.) So what’s the real story? During our 7 day stay, I expect to have 2 or 3 of the $100 suppers, but what about the rest of the meals? Thanks in advance,JerryinPA.
Hi JerryinPA!You will find a very wide range of restaurants from fast food to mid range to expensive. We did the AI at the HI and took advantage of lunch and drinks during the day. We then ate out at Tony Roma’s ($ 70 US for two for ribs, 2 glasses of wine, 3 mixed drinks, with tip), Don Carlos (I can’t quite remember but it is on the waterfront in Orangestaad) for about the same for 2 personal size pizzas, 2 appetizers, 4 mixed drinks and tip. Flying Fishbone was our splurge ($ 170 US – worth every penny!).

In Aruba you have alot of options. Dunkin Donuts everywhere for morning coffee as well!!

When we were in Aruba, we did not go all inclusive and found it very expensive! I seem to remember $32 US for pizza and pop at Pizza Hut….. thought that was a bit pricy.We were at LaCabana and had a Jr. Suite with full kitchen so, after trip to grocery store – toast, fruit and coffee on the balcony in the morning. They had excellent gas BBQ’s all over the grounds so some days hubby would do the honors. We were there for 2 weeks so, could not afford to eat out every night!!

Otherwise – make sure you bring your credit card.

Have you considered doing a Modified plan (I think that is what is called) where two meals are included for the day? There are so many excellent restaurants in Aruba, you really need to try at least a few….El Gaucho (the best Argentine steak you will EVER have!) and Twinkletones, and others that have already been mentioned. You really can go as cheap as you like, there are several fast food restaurants within a short driving distance (some within walking distance). Divi use to be the only true AI on the island with snacks (ice cream, hot sandwiches, and wonderful pizza) anytime of the day or night. The last time we were in Aruba we stayed at the Wyndham and did the modified plan…worked great for us. Enjoy!
HiWe’ve made only one trip to Aruba, but we loved it! We stayed at the Allegro, and went the "all inclusive" route. Though the food was good, I know we missed out on a lot of good dining, by stcking with the plan. (Ok, we cheated a bit…went to Carlo’s ‘n Charlies, and a few more). Now I notice quite a few resorts offer a "Dine Around Plan". I don’t think it’s resort specific, I believe it’s put together by their Visitor Bureau. It includes vouchers for various restaurants and such. If we make another trip, there, I want to look into this option further. Perhaps, someone thats used it, will comment?Regards, and have funDave

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Would it be possible to go to a grocery store and buy bread, cheese and fruits for lunches? I would like to try differents types of vacations but I worried it might get very expensive. Ciao!

Señor Azul

Yes Senor Azul, it is possible to go to a grocery store. There is an enormous grocery on the main road, almost down to Oranjestad. The buses run back and forth along the hotel strip to Oranjestad all day. It only costs a few dollars for bus fare. Buses are safe. Especially if you have some sort of refrigerator in your room, the grocery would be a money saving idea.Jerry. Would it be possible to go to a grocery store and buy bread, cheese and fruits for lunches? I would like to try differents types of vacations but I worried it might get very expensive. Ciao!

Señor Azul

😎 Hi, it depends on what your looking for. Our most expensive meal that we have is at the French Steak House (at $52 per couple) and then we buy a bottle of wine. Otherwise we just go with the catch of the day and the free glass of wine (clip them out of the paper). You will need a car to get around to most restaurants and thats not hard.

i stayed at the tam this year with the mega A I and we were allowed to go to the divi and eat and drink there also.

trust me when i say you cant go wrong!

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