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yes was on there site it says then i called the travel agent she said 44lbs….now i’m going to have to rearrange the suite cases all the things i have for the staff think is going to be over the weight grrrrrr..

hmmnnnn, I would print off what their website says and take it with you to the airport. if it says 50lbs, then its 50lbs. Travel agents are a bug in your ear and should be swatted.The customer is aways right, if your case is 50lbs, and they tell you that your over by 6, and make you pay and overweight fee put it on your credit card, and then when you get back you can, refuse to pay the charge, your back up is the printout from the website stating that they allow 50lbs.The customer is always right.


The customer is always right :D…..and the Deputy is "seldom" wrong :o….I gotta run now In this case, she is right once again. If the website says 50lbs, then go with that, but remember to weigh your bag itself first. The newer bags with the ribs and wheels can be quite heavy in their own. You may want to look at borrowing something a little lighter…just a suggestion.

Jake, eh

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