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I have now heard of several occasions at different hotels where your room safe is entered into, money taken etc, and it was LOCKED! Do these hotels think you are stupid and that you know you did not leave it open!!! They have an over riding code and or master key. Some of their staff are thieves. The latest hotel was the RIU Jalisco in PV.

most newer resorts use cards instead of keys. they can tell what card opened the the door and at what time. I would think that would deter most thieves.

We actually purchased an external lock to attach to the safe. I will see if I can locate this. I will post the name, it a nice attachment.Easy to use. We use it whenever we travel.Happy Travels!It is a Milockie Hotel Safe Lock (Model #MK1000)

Its not the room card that is the problem. Its the maid, security, maintenance, and or the people that top up the bar fridge. If for some reason you leave cash they want or pissed them off, you become a target. This latest case they left the passports and took everything else. The front desk said it was not their problem. You leave your valuables at your risk!!!! The RIU chain is getting some bad ideas about their clients.

No problem, we use ours. Even the u-tube video was impressive.! Glad to have been able to help!Happy SAFE Travels!Rene, the Rui’s better tread very careful in alot of areas. Some clients are boycotting now! & now thefts. Ouch.

Do any of you know if there is a Canadian distributor? The problem with ordering from the US is UPS brokerage fees and two taxes and their high freight. It is double the price by the time it arrives. Thanks. Duck tape is cheaper and just as safe.

It cost me an extra $27 when all is said and done, still more money than if purchased in Canada, however, I live in the north so I am assuming costs would be higher to get it up here to me.

Hey tenthousand, was the $27 for the shipping with $ exchange???No Rene, Sorry,no Canadian distributor. Been there tried that!No, no brokerage fees when we got ours or extra duties. I think because of where it is originated from.I put mine on Mastercard.The actual cost & shipping cost to get it no extra duties or taxes & we are in the Maritimes. : )It was worth it to me for the piece of mind.

Happy Travels!

It did arrive sillyjilly, last week and there were no other costs invoved, I don’t think it was a bad deal at all!! We are now ready for take-off on the 13th WAHOO!!!!
prrollt, thats great, we r please with ours had it for 5 yrs now.You are right 10K your vacation is what you make it. Toes in the water ass in the sand have a cold one for me!We won’t be going till med April due to work schedule. : (

Happy Travels!

I’ve been to the website for the Milockie, price $69. is there another $27 on top of that for a total of $96.?


Hey Bren, the 27$ is the exchange rate & that time an a shipping fee. Its probably less that that now as the dollar is better. : )No extra fees @ delivery, packages from USA sometimes come with a brokerage fee & Gst & PST. Its NOT charged on this unit.Hope this helps!Happy Travels!

Thanks for you help, I will be ordering one also, : )

I ordered my Milockie last night. I ordered it over the phone using their 1-800 number. The total of my order is $89.95 US. I think it will be well worth it. One more thing off my check list. I have a tracking number for USPS, the lady said it takes about 7 to 10 days.

Thats wonderful Bren, I did it the same way. I am very pleased with ours!I am soo happy to of seen this post to help out.Happy safe Travels!

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