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wossa Guest HiI am struggling to try and locate travel operaters that fly to Guatemala from Toronto, or any that offer package deals…….any advice would be awesome.Thanks in advance.

Wossa……. ;D

Hi Wossa,I’ve been to Guatemala a few times and although most of my time in Guatemala involved a children’s orphanage in Zacapa, I also had great visits to Antigua and Panajachel (Lake Atitlan). Wonderful and picturesque places. The people in Zacapa are incredible, warm and welcoming. In tourist areas like Antigua, they’re very nice however a little "tourist weary". No carrier flies direct from Toronto to Guatemala City. The usual route is Toronto to Houston – Houston to Guatemala City. Occasionally there is a stop-off in another U.S. city, before routing to Houston.Where in Guatemala are you planning to travel to?Any questions that I can help with…please ask..and if I can help I will :D.
wossa Guest Hey ACAwesome information….thank you so much !! After Freedom and I returned from Honduras, we would like to explore some other parts of Central America, and check out some diving locations along the coast. Guatemala just seemed to be really intriguing.

I was looking on the travel websites earlier this year, trying to work out how to get there from Toronto, but couldn’t see how it was done…..but now I know it’s via the US…

I still need to do some homework on where the best diving is in Guatemala, or even if there is any…. ???……but thanks for the offer of additional advice, I will probably take you up on that …. ;DKind regardsWossa…….. ;D

wossa Guest Hi ACFantastic link……I will definitely check it out and see what information I can find out about diving from it……I still might be back to pick your brains though….lol.Thanks again

Wossa……. ;D

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