How To Look Great In Cuba – Si !!! | Debbie's Caribbean Resort Reviews Forums

 " You only get one chance to make a first impression " This my list of 40 points to help you make a positive impression while in Cuba. 1. Shoes mint clean including laces – new white logoed sport socks. 2. Sandals – new or near new 3. Finger nails short and cleaned by brush 4. No fancy jewelry 5. Mens hair – short and neat 6. Use a 16 oz. thermal cup with Canada flag decal 7. No large Bubba mugs 8. Sharp newish belt 9. Stylish sun glasses10. Wear some Nike or Adidas clothes / shoes11. Nice wrist watch12. T / golf shirts stand out logo13. All clothes mint -sharp – mostly light colours14. Neat eye brows / mustache15. Nice perfume / after shave / deodorant16. Matching necklace – earrings17. Dress for body size18. Sharp shoulder purse and evening bag19. Sharply pressed long white / beige slack20. Short sleeved shirt – logoed tie such as Mickey Mouse – nice small tie tac To be continued on Monday

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