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Mechanics of posting revisited

A couple of weeks ago there was a posting regarding the mechanics of posting Guess I’ll take the plunge. I expect other more knowledgeable posters to add their opinions and tips. So here goes:

The mechanics of posting or replying to Travel Forum messages

Answering and creating posts on Debbie’s forum adds immeasurably to your enjoyment and allows others to benefit from your knowledge and insights. Replies and posts can be simple, or contain features such as links, or can be very creative featuring pictures links, colours – use your imagination. Adding extra features is not difficult, it requires a little knowledge and attention to detail.Part 1 – getting started or Part 2 – adding some pizazz.Part 1====If you are only going to use simple text to answer or post, then:1a. To start a new thread click on "new thread" (right side, top or bottom of large posting window). You will need a subject and message.1b. To answer a post, click on "reply" (right side, top or bottom of large posting window). Subject not required,just add your message.2. After you have added your message, click on "Preview" to check your message for content, does your post askor answer the question etc.3. You may wish to check your spelling, if so, click on "Spell Check".4. If you are satisfied with your message, press "Post Reply".Your message will be automatically posted and if you don’t see it right away, press the F5 key which will refresh the web page.Part 2====When you wish to add extra effects to your message you must add commands (called tags) which are interpreted by the "message board" and result in underline or color etc. In simplest terms, a command which does something must be "opened" and "closed". The opening command is always enclosed in square brackets [], the closing command / is always enclosed in square brackets [/]. To add "extra" effects or features to your message you press the buttons above the message window. Some examples of simple effects:Bold text: press the B key and the commands [b][/b] appear. Type in the text you wish to be

in bold BETWEEN [b] and [/b]. So, [b]This is bold text[/b] would display as This is bold text

All of the other effects commands work the same. Press the command key you wish and enter your text. Colored text? Press the red A key, choose the colour and commands [color=Green][/color] appear. Type in the text you wish to be colored BETWEEN [color=Green] and [/color]

So, [color=Green]this is GREEN text[/color] and would display as this is GREEN text

Quote boxes are interesting. Copy the text you wish to quote, press the quote key (little page with a blue arrow) and paste (enter) your quote between [quote[[/quote] So, [quote]this is a quote[/quote] and would display as

You can combine the effects such as bold and colour. In this case it is easier to add the commands by typing them in as the open/close logic must be followed exactly. Always remember to type your text BETWEEN the bracketed commands. Bold and color would be entered as [b][color=Green]BOLD GREEN TEXT [/b][/color] and would display as BOLD GREEN TEXT[/color].

Adding urls (internet addresses) or images requires a little more attention to detail.

To add a url, press the "insert hyperlink" key (little globe) and [url][/url] appear. Insert your link (usually from a cut/paste operation) between the open/close but be careful that no additional characters are added otherwise the link will not display correctly. [url][/url] will display as

In order to display a picture, it must exist as an address on the internet. This can be from, for example, . Press the image key (little picture) and [img][/img] appear. Paste your picture link between the open/close again being careful no additional characters are added, otherwise no image! I have a picture of a couple of mugs on my own webspace. [img][/img] will display as

And please DON’T HOTLINK! An example would be using an [img] tag to display a JPEG image you found on someone else’s web page so it will appear on your own site, eBay auction listing, weblog, forum message post, etc. A simple analogy for bandwidth theft: Imagine a random stranger plugging into your electrical outlets, using your electricity without your consent, and you paying for it. Have fun and enjoy Debbie’s – it’s almost addictive!Just to clarify, I am simply an interested amateur – I just happen to have made all the errors and have the stubborness to to find out why…

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