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As you might have heard on the news new hurricane named Gonzalo is going towards Bermuda and so far it looks like it will be direct hit. So if you have any plans traveling to Bermuda you should check first with your travel agent and confirm your flight and check advisory so that you do not finish in the middle of the hurricane. Looks like over the weekend Eastern Canada could feel Gonzalo as well.

So far, the Avalon Peninsula in Newfoundland and a brushing of Cape Breton, NS is what NOAA is showing. Arthur took a 2 degree shift and we got whacked this year so keep an eye on this:

better stay away..far far away…looks like it will, as a day or two ago it looked like much more oF NS was going to be in the path…

Today they say NF most probably. Hopefully it will not be too strong and all people in NF will be ok.

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