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We can ONLY do Westjet, due to flight times, Ironman scheduling and school starting. The prices were really sort of high for this time of year, I thought, though I can’t remember what I paid last August for Kawama. Anyway, Kawama was not available due to reasons (construction, I think. Only Cubana has it offered, and for Fridays and Saturdays only) so we settled on Aguas Azules. It was sitting at $799+taxes for a regular room–bungalows sold out–and I thought that rather high, so wasn’t biting. I had a dream this morning that prices had gone down, so while I was cooking my oatmeal, I checked. Boom! Down to $669+taxes. Sold.

So. Any tips for this hotel? I’m not expecting great things; cleanliness, a working potty,¬†and no cucarachas are all I ask of my sleeping chambers. I figure the location is great if the food is really that terrible, but I like the food at Kawama, so I’m thinking I’ll be just fine here, too.

What a wonderful dream to have. To give yourself peace of mind, it would not hurt to contact the hotel and share any concerns you may have and see how they respond to you. It is best to go with low expectations, a good heart and mind and if things really are crappy then you can always transfer.
In your case you can dream the most amazing time.

For once I can comment on a resort!I had pals stay there last winter. They are hardcore backpackers, absolutely not picky in any way whatsoever and sorry to say even they were pretty disgusted with the uncleanliness (especially around the food buffet) and lack of even the most basic maintenance. What saved their trip was that they paid some ridiculously cheap last minute rate – I believe it was less than $500 for the week, all taxes in – so at that price it’s pretty hard to complain about anything… even if it was flight only it was still an okay deal.Unfortunately the location is further from "downtown" than you might think… you need to taxi or use the hop-on-hop-off bus to get anywhere.The beach is fabulous though and my pals loved hanging out there for a couple of days, then they dumped the resort and spent the rest of the week in Havana with me and only returned to the resort the night before their flight home.Good luck!Cheers,


Huh. We walked there from Kawama, and found the location that much more "downtown" than where we were! Lai Lai was almost next door, lots of little corner 24 hour cafe type things…oh well. I’ll make the best of it. Worst comes to worst, we utilize our Westjet rep and get shuffled around. I have no issues asking for another room if our first offering is mighty gross. My husband is doing the Ironman Muskoka the day we fly–he just wants rum and beach, so that’s our main goal. If I want to wander to the markets, I can without making him hobble along with me.

I shall remain optimistic. It may be to my peril, but that’s okay too.

You booked with Westjet so this is a good thing because you can change hotels; now pending on how you have the discussion with the agent, they may wave the $75 per person fee, especially if you state a good case. They have some really nice Staff and sometimes it really helps if you push up the ladder. All the best to you.

desmei, please let us all know how WestJet accommodated you. For me, you can tell them you have a lot of interested people looking over your shoulder, following this.

Good Luck!

I’m not actually going to change it! Yeah, I screwed up, but I’ll give it a chance. Our only other option due to budgetary concerns was Puntarena/Caleta, soooo…I figure if it is that terrible I can try to switch while I’m there.

The funny thing is that I considered Tuxpan, as it was priced similarly at one point, but "…nah, that’s WAY too far out along the peninsula!" I’m such a dumbass.

It was a good basic resort when I stayed there back a few years ago for the price. It was my first experience staying below a 4 star and I had no issues. Only thing I noticed was much smaller and less food at the buffet. But food at the snack bar at the pool made up for it.Pools were great, beach was nice, had no issues with my room at all. Was actually surprised at how bug the rooms were. The villas were nice, but wouldn’t make or break my stay.

Enjoy…..I just got back from Cuba and believe you me, I would love to be back at any resort there right now!

That’s what I want to hear, Monctonguy. It sounds like AC in the buffet is an issue, but maybe it’ll just encourage me to eat less. Anything’s possible… I’m sure the hotel will be okay, I just don’t care for the location. I like being able to walk in to civilization. First world problems, right?
I hear you….when in Varadero walking distance is defn nice, but for the deal you got, you can put that money saved from your good deal towards some CUC’s for cab rides into town and then do some walking from there!…haha

I will be interested to hear what its like now as it was just over 2yrs ago that I was there….but no complaints here from me at that time!

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