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Passport, cash, swimsuit,(one – its Cayo Largo), snacks to throw to the little ones at the turtle farm, duct tape and health insurance.Need to get in CL – cigar prices for Geoff, cigars for my drinking buddy, info for a thorough review, and a recharge. See you in a week.

fibreglass door screen, milkthistle supplements for Carlos the Porter’s mother in law. Extra Bubbas. Zip-Lock baggies for beach snacks.

Have a great vacation and thanks for the reminder about packing duct tape.Going to throw that in my suitcase right now.

We leave for Maui, Hawaii tomorrow.

Sweet: Big John knows how to make his own fun. He will come back with some amazing tales. Not sure, but right now he is probably sitting or about to disembark the plane and planning how to cause mayhem (in a nice way – no violence).

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