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As many of you know we are repeat visitors to this wonderful resort. Last summer they closed the pool for 4 or 5 weeks in July & Aug (I believe) to do pool repairs. The resort stayed open and people who wanted pool time could use Lunes/Mares next door and a shuttle was set up to accommodate, along with use of the pool snack-bar and bar. This year they will be closing the pool, I hear to tile the base, and continue any repairs not completed last summer starting in June and is listed as June to August. Thomas Cook from the UK has stopped selling the property over the summer because of this. It is still being sold with Canadian sellers.

I fear it will a really, really low season. Tourists will have rotating shut-down of a la carte and less variety of food at buffet……. sad state, even if unavoidable for pool repairs. Sad for the staff as unlike some 100% Cuban places the staff here are sent home until the #’s are up. Typically the rates reflect the lack of variety but so far I have seen nothing dropping, so even a Canadian enticer is not being offered. Interesting summer for PRDO.

Thanks for the heads up. I will put PRDO on my radar for the fall, in case things are completed on "Cuba time". Hopefully there will be some good prices. It’s an ill wind that blows nobody good.

last year they accomplished all 2 weeks early, so I think they are good on timing (weather can always throw a wrench into planning thought). But the pool will look wonderful come September.

There have been many complaints about the quality of pool liners supplied to the resorts. Perhaps an exclusive contract problem, but not well made or cut to measure properly. That may have contributed to PRDO’s installation woes.
If you are in touch with staff, ask and let us know

they painted the pool last summer but that was only intended as a band-aid. this year they are intending on tiling the surface. Will keep you all informed as I find out

Many just crack fill the walls and floor, replace the jets/strainer gaskets and put a new liner in.Sounds like this is a concrete pool. Old-School pools are concrete with ceramic tiles and a lot of work to keep up. They are 5Star classics.

Remember the Beverly Hillbillies’ Cement Pond? LOL

Royal is all okay. The pool there is new.

And yes the PRDO pool is a ‘Cement Pond’ . Not certain why they would tile….the paint lasted 15 years (?) do not think tiles will last as long. I suggested they do a pattern in the paint. That way if the colour starts to age…..you would not see it as you do now

I sympathize with those who have booked or will book the PRDO during this refurbishment and don’t find out until they arrive that the pool is closed. This is where booking through a reliable travel agent may save some major disappointments. It’s unlikely that the online booking sites will mention the pool closure.
We’ll be happily sitting around the pool in 21 days.

To me that’s good news, maybe the prices will drop for early September. I never used to pool there anways.

They were quite good last September when I went as they were working on the roofs of the main buildings.

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