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I have been to many plases as I am one of the travel guide and have to get through different places, went to Mexico, Florida, Australia, but that were days of single,now I am married and have two kids, will I face any problem which I can face in Caribbean as I am eager to go there ..I would like to move around.

You can travel in Cuba and stay in Paladors instead of a resort. You need to have a reservation confirmed in case they ask you at immigration on arrival. You may have problems if you don’t have firm plans. Travel by bus is easy and inexpensive but renting a car is pricey and you can get into serious problems if you cause an accident. Roads are poorly marked, GPS is illegal (except on a phone and I cannot get mine to work at all there). Typical travel as we know in other countries is not as easy in Cuba.There are a few people in Cuba who I would contact to make at least some arrangements ahead of time. One guy is called Pototo and someone here will have his contact info. Traveling this way with 2 children might be stretching it a bit. In the long run, you might find it cheaper to book a package for a cheap resort in Santiago or Havana to use as a home base, then travel form there for at least the first trip.You need to do a lot more research.

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