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I feel that I also have to defend the Daquiri. We have been to Cuba 8 times now — 4 of them spent at the Daquiri. I have never found them to be anything but welcoming, from check-in to the restaurants to the pool/beach attendants and bars. I have, however, seen them react more ‘cool-ly’ to folk that treat them without any manners or respect. (Let’s face it, how would you react to someone who spoke very condescendingly to you??) The food is different than Canada, but we have never ever had to do ‘without’. Breakfast caters to all visitors — "American" style (bacon/ham/eggs/pancakes etc) "European" (cold cuts/cheeses/breads/crackers) "Continental" (rolls/pasteries) plus fresh fruit, cereals, coffee juices. Lunch and dinner are similar, with several choices of entree, veg. and dessert. There is also pizza, pasta, hamburgs/hotdogs and fries. Yes, there is a fair amount of fish/seafood — it’s and ISLAND and surrounded by the sea! Beef is not as tender as we are used to (have you seen their cows??) There was plenty of chicken/turkey and pork/ham. Basically, if you can’t find something to eat at all meals, you are waaaaaay too picky.

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As for the rooms — we have stayed in 4 different buildings, the latest being "Habana". Always they have been clean and kept so daily. We had made a request through our travel agent that we be away from the disco and on a second floor — both of these requests were met. Granted, some of the rooms may be a little ‘tired’ regarding decor, but they are constantly refurbishing the buildings, and it is possible that you may be in one that has not been re-done recently. If there is anything amiss, it is easy to call the desk and ask for assistance/repair.

Beach/Pools/Grounds: Beach is groomed daily. The staff on the beach (2 guys moving chairs) were very friendly and helpful. In fact, "Horhe" (George) hiked two chairs from the main beach area down to the watercraft area for me, as there were no more chairs in that area. The pool is immaculately clean. The guys are out there every morning scrubbing the deck and walls of the pool, hosing down the chairs, washing down the little ‘tables’ under the palapas. As stated in another review, there is a problem with people ‘reserving’ chairs, sometimes both at the beach and the pool even though their are signs posted saying this is not allowed. Unfortunately, such ill-mannered folk are everywhere, and feel that the rules do not apply them.

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We have found the Ibirostar Daquiri to be nothing, if not friendly and welcoming and a great holiday. Regarding activities, you can do as little or as much as you like. The "Animacion" team offer activities all day long — archery, shooting, vollyball, minigolf, bowling, water exercise, dance lessons, etc etc etc — and a good part of the evening/night as well(shows/disco). Would we go back again? Absolutely!

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