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any info out there on ibereostar dominicana? i am going in july and any info would be helpful. thanks, al

Two suggestions:

1. Hop over to Debbies travel reviews for the DR (click on the link above – Dominican Republic Travel Reviews – or on: www.debbiesdominicantravel.com/travel49.html) – a while back there were tons of reviews on the Punta Cana Iberostars. We stayed next door at the Iberostar Bavaro beach a couple years back – it is the best of the three Iberostars in Punta Cana and, if you can affod it, well worth the extra $), but visited the Domnicana and it is a good resort on a great beach. And if Debbie’s reviews aren’t enough, do a google search for TripAdvisor for still more reviews.

2. And if you still have questions, ask them on the DR forum – you are in the general question area here that in principle does not deal with specific resorts in one country.


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