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Hi, we try to get away into warmer climate every winter. With 2 small kids we look for resorts that cater to our needs. Last year, end of March, we went to NH Krystal. Based on our travelling experience we were very happy with the resort. Besides general cleanliness, and tropical beauty, which you expect everywhere when you travel to 4 stars and plus in South, we enjoyed the stay at the beach. We found that this was one of the first resorts where you didn’t have to fight for lounge chairs and guard them with your life. Of course, the ocean and beach was beautiful – this is what you go to Cuba for! Also, there were no line ups for food at restaurants, even a`lacarte ones; again, compared to other resorts we went to, this was a big bonus. Based on our experience last year, we are about to go again in a week (same time of the year as in 06). However, based on the reviews from travelers who stayed at the resort this year, I am little bit afraid. Since we have only a few more days left before our departure, there is not much that can be done now. My hope is however, that we will have a positive experience, same as we did last year.

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