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I’ve booked room for the 3 of us, my cousin, his wife and me. We were hoping to get separate room for me, of course paying extra, but the girl at the reception told me I have to pay 160 pesos per night for 7 nights, do the math, I thought it was a totally rip off so I’ve met with rep Eddie the next day and after 3 days of negotiation with his company he gave me the price, but it was already Wendsday so Friday was approaching quick so staying with my cousin and his wife was a mistake but I survived. The first room the girl from the reception gave us was funny, after we’ve open the door a frog jumped from the bed, the room was dirty, waste basket was full, room looked like someone just moved out and the maid didn’t have the chance to clean, the A/C wasn’t working, the sliding door to get an air wasn’t working, maybe 2 man could open it – we couldn’t. After returning to the reception she gave us another room 1920 so it was better.

Room Number:

Room Block:

Upon arrival we were greeted with a glass of juice, it was nice.

Very clean, but when our lady maid had day off another maid just come, get the souvenirs from the bed and didn’t do nothing. Funny.

Restaurants and Bars:
Restaurants are good, bars have excellent bartenders.Food was good and plenty, deserts are the best

The beach and pools are very good

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