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My husband and I were there October 23-28, 2016. We arrived late because of an airline delay and were looking forward to our four days there. We awoke to no running water in our room, that means no toilet, sink or shower. We went to the desk to ask, but were told they knew and many people were upset. We had a nice day at the beach, came back to a trickle in the shower, but could at least use the toilet. Next morning, same thing. We used bottled water to brush our teeth and wash our faces. Again went to the desk. Not once did we feel like they took us seriously. Apparently they had water pipe issues. No one from the hotel let us know or move us to a new room. For the entire stay we were without running water when you need it the most. We filled the trash bucket with water so we could use the toilet at night and in the mornings. We essentially paid for an expensive camping trip. A response to my email told us they had unexpected issues and we should understand. We have requested a refund but got an offer to upgrade to a better room on our next visit. There will be no next visit!!!

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Sunday October 23,2016.

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It is the resorts responsibility to correct this. To expect us to go days without water is ludicrous.

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