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It was my first time in Cuba and was a family vacation with my sister, nephew and parents. We were there on Xmas Day and were there for 2 wks. It was absolutely amazing! I want to go back to this resort again. The resort was top notch! The people in the resort were all very friendly and made a person feel very welcome and the people I met from all over the world were amazing! Some feedback: 1. You can plug a 110 V directly into their plugins-no need for a converter unless you’re recharging a digital camera, etc. You may not want to plug in your a high watt blowdryer, as mine shorted out. Use the one in the bathroom. 2. The rooms are a bit musty because of the humidity, so bring some scented candles or something. It works well! 3. Food is a little bland. Might want to bring spices or hot sauce. Pizza in the snack bar is really good. 4. If you get a chance to go on an excursion, the catamaran for the day trip snorkelling & swimming with the dolphins and to the island (lobster lunch included) is amazing and great value for your money. 5. Might want to bring your own large plastic cup for drinks as the ones they supply are small plastic glasses and you tend to have to go back to the bar frequently. 6. Noticed that they don’t wash the glasses with soap, just water. Not extremely sanity. 7. It only rained once during the morning at the end of the vacation, otherwise it rained during the night twice. 8. The evenings are a little cool, so bring a light jacket and a couple of pairs of pants. 9. We brought lots of hats, and gifts for tips for the gardeners, waiters, bartenders (for themselves and their kids). They will remember you and appreciate it. Also gave some money for tips as well. 10. If you’re single, the Cubans are all over you like a dirty shirt. They love giving kisses. Be careful! If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to send me an email.


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