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I understand that the air conditioner works when activated by motion. Has anyone found a way to keep it on when they are not in the room?
Any other tips about the place would help. Thanks

I was in one resort with that exact problem and I had to wake up in the middle of the night in a very hot room, wave my arm wildly, then the air would come back on. Frustrating and stupid.

There are three variations to try that I found on the internet to bypass certain motion air conditioner sensors. One is to: Press the POWER button and the DOWN button on the thermostat at the exact same time. It will bypass and run the unit constant. Two is to: Press and hold the DISPLAY button then press OFF button, release OFF button, then press the UP button, release the UP button and DISPLAY button. Three is to: Use a Mylar foil balloon filled with air and attach it to the circulating air vent.

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