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I went with 2 other adults and 2 teenagers (age 12). the people were very nice, but the hotel should have had fresh drinking water in lobby . I could nevr get a couple of lounge chairs on beach with unbrella or under tree, because the same people would get up everyday at 4am and take twenty chairs!!! The water park was too babyish. The beach was much to small – no where to walk – and the water should have been cleaner. It was not like I expected. the water was too rough to snorkle and the water sport people only stay till 12 noon then go off to another resort. I did not care for room accomodations. We got the adjoining rooms but rather thatn a king size bed with rollaway we would have preferred two doubles with a roll-away! They should have sunscreen protector for hair in shop ( or salon). They ran out of 50spf spray.

The golf course was too pricey! The food was fair. I would not go back.

Your Arrival: Have fresh drinking water available in lobby upon arrival and departure ( or when lounging)

Lines too long to check in. thank heaven I was Hilton member

Rooms: Rooms were nice, but we had a 5 people and no one wanted to sleep on roll -away bed. For that much $, I can’t blame them. the room with two double beds was very nice and kept very clean by housekeeping, who were friendly, and trustworthy In bathroom, body lotion should have been included with shampoo and conditioner and a shower cap.

Restaurants and Bars: House wine was disgusting – all watered down, and my brother in-law ( who is a beer drinker ) said the beer ( Red Stripe) was terrible! and if you orederd water at the bar , they never had a lime or lemon to put in it and I like to drink ice water all day.

The food was ok – as far as restaurants, the food was poor/fair – anything that I wanted to order would have cost me a lot extra, and that’s not righ for the $ we paid. Also all the restaurants were booked when we checked in. We did end up eating at once place becasue a person gave us his reservation. ANd the 3 Palms we had to eat 8:30 at night ,which was much too late for anyof us.

Beach/Pools/Grounds: Beach was too small, and crowded with beach chairs – it was horrible! and we could never get chairs together with an unbrella – the same people had them reserved every day ( they must have run down there at 4am everymorning to put towels on chairs – we noticed the same pople all week with the premium chairs and unbrellas . It wasn’t fair!!! The water park was too babysish for teenagers. We thought the slides would have been higher.

Activities on and off the Resort/Hotel:
Activities were only "ok" . the water sports were hard to reserve , since the people left at 12noon or everything was booked when we got there

Other Comments: Spa massage was not worth the $ /this resort is maybe good for traveling with very small children , but not teens or pre teens

security was very good

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