Iberostar Varadero** is there karaoke???? | Debbie's Caribbean Resort Reviews Forums

Yes there was Karaoke. They had it a couple times located in the disco area before the shows started. They also had it one rainy afternoon located in the theatre show area. So you may have the opportunity to sing a song or two. Ha HaTake care,


That’s funny, now that you mentioned it..I can’t remember seeing any karaoke bars in my 6 trips to Cuba?

The Playa Pesquero in Holguin has karaoke every night in the disco until 11:00 pm. I know this because I personally aided in destroying the hearing of hundreds of resort guests.

YAY!!!!give me another reason to get drunk!!!LMAO besides being on holiday!!!Jackie do you have any pointers for this resort?? if I email to request a room location will they accomadate….. and which area would you recommend….Thanks


Hey there,Any questions you have please let me know. You can try to send them a request for a upgrade to the junior suites if they will do it. Block 17 is one of the best areas for sure. We usually luck into getting room 1745 or 1747.(king size bed)ocean view and close to the pool area. Also keep in mind that we have been to this resort 4 times so they usually give us our room request because we are repaet guest and like family now ;D I would love to answer any questions you may have so please feel free to ask me.Take care,


Hola ksw5487. The following email was sent by me about 2 months before we went to IV. It got us adjacent rooms on the ground floor of building 17, which as it turned out was better for my wife’s sore ankle. Good luck. (Just to set the record straight, I had sent a similar email to my Spanish teacher (level 3) and the following is her corrected version, my version might have got us rooms on the highway if we were lucky…)

Hola y bienvedida de Canada.Somos cuatro canadians quien tenemos las reservas por su turistico; 8 febrero, 2007 y 22 febrero 2007. Pedimos las “junior suites” con una vista del océano, efidico 17, segundo y tercero piso por favor.


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