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We had two rooms between the five of us. Both rooms were kept in an outstanding condition by housekeeping. The maids were friendly and always smiled as with all the staff there. The towel art was outstanding. The “Star Fiends” involved as many people that they could in every event they ran. The never pressured you to join in but welcomed you with open arms. The staff works long hours, some I saw in the morning around 8am, through the day, and up until 11pm. Then I would see again the next morning at the buffet, still with a smile on their face and explaining what things they were running during the day or for the show that evening. I had seen complaints regarding food, service, and rooms. All I can say is that this is not the Europe or Canada, it’s a Cuba five Star and you’re in the Caribbean! There is enough of a variety of food to suit everyone’s tastes. I travelled with my wife, a three, nine, and fourteen years old and everyone could find something good to eat. We eat at either the Snack Bar of the Buffet for ease. The beach snack bar was good to if you want a quick burger on the beach. No lack of bars here, drinks are good and strong. You have to request less rum if you want a weaker drink. Children were treated as equals at the bars and restaurants. The staff treats you as friends. I read comments about tips. We were treated extremely well and we seldom tipped on a regular basis. I found our service was the same as those who did. When you do tip, which we did, they really appreciated it. There was no pressure from any of the staff in any regard. I’ve seen comments of mould, musty, and dirty rooms in some reviews. I like to address these. One, your in the Caribbean, the humidity are extremely high, adding water brought into the rooms by trowels, bathing suits, shells, results in the production of mould and or a musty smell. If you are taking the time to take pictures of dirt under the bed you missing out on what the Caribbean is all about. The beach was great; sand was white, soft, and warm. There is a build up of coral and shells in the backwash area so be careful. The venders, regardless of where you are on the resort are never in your face so there are no pressure sales. The ladies that work the kids club are great. They are extremely good with the children. After talking to them I learned that they are highly educated and love working there. All of the staff there are hard working and friendly, from the gardeners, maids, servers, bartenders, guest services, and management. You will enjoy yourself there if you set the right mind set prior to arriving, relax, slow down, you’re on vacation, and you’re in Cuba. A tip, people told us not to bring toiletries but just tip cash. I suggest both. They can not buy the same quality soaps and shampoos and if they do it cost quite a bit. We would go back there again!

Room Number:

Room Block:

Friendly and fast, one room wasn’t ready but we had one to change in.

Clean with lots of space. Bathrooms are large and well appointed. Housekeeping was Outstanding! They were friendly and effective in making sure every thing was correct.

Restaurants and Bars:
Only used two restaurants because it was the best choice with children. Buffet had everything anyone even our two pickie eaters. Bars every where there were bars. The pool bar was great when your swiming with the children. The Snack Bar was friendly and quick. Theres a beach bar and a Beach grill. Good to get food and drinks if you don’t want to leave the beach.

Pool was kept at a high standard. It is large and is broken into a deep and a shallow areas by a bridge. The Star Friends have a lot of activities at the large pool. There is a wave pool next to the kid’s club which itself is within arms reach of the large pool. The beach is great! There’s even a person to find you an area to place a lounge chair. Well he even carries it, places it, and brushes it off!

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